Zapzapmath Review

One of the most asked questions I get as a homeschooling family is how we make it work. I like to remind those who ask that homeschooling can happen ANYWHERE. Our trips to the store are a great way to practice our math and reading. We can do a mock grocery list and estimate what we think our trip will cost. Once we have completed our trip we compare.

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About Zapzapmath

We have teamed up with Zapzapmath to try their app. It has games for grade kindergarten through 6th grade. You can also play a multiplication and fraction game to help you master these skills.

Your membership includes:

  • All 100+ premium games
  • Access to all grades on zapzapmath
  • New content added every three months

Background on my family

We have six children but only three of them are in the age group to play these games. We have first-grader, third-grader and fifth graders. My kids love being able to try out new games and activities so when I was given the opportunity to try out zapzapmath we were all excited.

My thoughts

I like that they have grade options but not all kids learn at the same pace and that worries me that some will be better at one thing and not another therefore not find the game’s fun. To test this theory I gave my phone to have kids and asked them to play for 20 minutes to the time to see what it was all about.

Once you download zapzapmath you will need to create your account, this same account can be used across all the grade levels and each child will have their own profile created as well.

Each grade level also has so many games to choose from. Our children were able to test their skills and move up on levels. Faith was playing zapzapmath this morning on her fifth-grade level and I got to see her in action. Once she was done I was able to give Michael a chance to play at his level and this is how it went.

Youtube Review

Be sure to head to Youtube to see the kids’ video.

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