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My name is Carmen, and I’m a working mom, birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and placenta specialist. Doula Carmen Edwards is a motherhood lifestyle blog where I write about being a working mom and homeschooling our six children as well as share tips and products that pregnancy, birth, and parenting easier but with a crunchy twist.

Readers of Doula Carmen Edwards are primarily mothers in the United States, aged 25-45. My readers are interested in family-focused topics, including children and parenting, family meals, and home-related projects.

Top-performing topics include pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, motherhood for working moms, care and feeding of toddlers to preteens, parenting advice, and homeschool activities. For more information, you can see my media kit.

A family picture of some of the kids

Are you interested in advertising here or hiring me for a sponsored post? I can work with almost any budget and have various packages available.

Services available are:

  • Sponsored Blog Posts/Review and Giveaway
  • Holiday Gift Guide
  • Guest Posts and Sponsored Contributed Posts
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Text/Banner Advertising


My PayPal account is


Prices for sponsored posts are negotiable depending on the type of post and effort involved. Please let me know your budget and we can discuss the details.

Example rates are as follows:
*Gift Guide or blog post inclusion fee: $50
*Link inclusion only: $25
*Dedicated sponsored blog post only: $250
*Dedicated informational sponsored blog post and basic social shares (Twitter and Facebook post only): $300
*Full package – dedicated blog post, social shares, including Instagram photo post: $400+

Inclusions are one mention in a roundup-style post. A link inclusion is a one-line link mention, where a blog inclusion involves a paragraph featuring the item.

Dedicated sponsored post rates include a 300+ word post with 1-2 photos taken of the product shared in the post (if applicable). Please inquire separately for photography rights release.

Full packages include social media shares to Twitter, Facebook page (with branded handshake), Pinterest, and Instagram. Additional social posts are also available. Instagram posts are relevant if blog post already includes photography of the product or activity, but not for an informational or awareness post. If brand does not have a Facebook page available for “handshake” then Facebook post must be excluded per TOS.

Please note I require a 25% deposit to begin work on sponsored content. A few startup/small business discounts are available each month.

Sponsored links will be “nofollow” per Google TOS and an FTC disclosure message will be included at the top of the post.

When providing products for sponsored review, please include the estimated value of the product. I will do my best to have the post up within a few weeks of receiving the product and payment, as negotiated. I would also love to give away a product as part of my post. Please be prepared to send the product to the winner directly.

Please note if my review of the product is unsatisfactory, the brand will be notified and able to cancel the review/sponsored post. If the brand requires the product to be returned, the brand must cover shipping costs. A full refund will be given for any costs not incurred in preparation for the post.

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This blog accepts contributed posts from brands and other professionals, provided they align with this blog’s content and values.

Contributed sponsored post rate: $100.

I also offer a few startup/small business rates each month.

Paid contributed posts can include links to products. As a reminder, links will be “nofollow” per FTC and Google TOS. Contributed sponsored posts will be labeled with a contributed or guest post note as well as labeled with an FTC sponsored disclosure.

I reserve the right to add my affiliate links if anchor text is not already linked.

I also reserve the right to edit the post language as necessary for clarity and alignment with this blog’s values.

Contributed content becomes the property of the blog. This means failure to pay will result in the links being edited out of the published post.


I am very active on social media and would love to share your products or services via one or more of the following: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page (with branded handshake), and we can discuss others. Rates are negotiable depending on shares requested. Below are examples.

Sample social media promotion A:  $150 for 1 Instagram photo and 1 story, 2 Tweets, and 1 Facebook share. (Same photo used for all shares.)

Sample social media promotion B:  $125 for 1 Instagram photo, 1 Tweet, and 1 Facebook share. (Same photo used for all shares.)

Sample social media promotion C:  $40 for 2 Tweets, and 1 Facebook share (link/provided images only).

Individual social media shares are as follows:

  • Instagram photo or boomerang post: $100
  • Instagram story: $25 (sharing brand link with your product photo)
  • Instagram story: $50 (sharing a photo taken by me with the brand link)
  • Tweet: $25 (sharing brand link with your product photo)
  • Tweet: $50 (sharing a photo taken by me with brand link)
  • Facebook: $25 (with branded tool tag) sharing a link or product photo/video
  • Facebook $50 (with branded tool tag) sharing a photo taken by me
  • Pinterest: $25 to share brand’s Pinterest-optimized image on three boards ($50 if also creating a Pinterest-optimized image)
  • YouTube video: $50 (slideshow video with text)

Please note if brand does not have a Facebook page available for “handshake” then the Facebook post must be excluded per TOS.


Banner up to 350 x 350 px dedicated spot on the sidebar.
Cost: $20/month.


Submit your details and I can send you a PayPal invoice, or you can send payment via PayPal first.

You can email me at [email protected] or fill out the form below to get in touch with me.

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