The reason I blog and why I named the blog a side of crunchy!

Crunchy my way

So you have come across my blog and wondered why? Why should I join the mailing list, why my blog relates to your life? The answer is simple if you are a parent then something I write about will relate to your family. Take a moment to read my about me.

custom lalabye baby cloth diaper
A custom Lalabye Baby diaper made just for my husband.

I decided to write a blog to have an audience, to tell my story and share our experiences. Our family is considered large because we have five children. Yup, 5! That number that comes after 4. lol We also do things a little "crunchy" or natural. We are just like other families but each of our stories are a little different. The way we may cook, the conversations we have with our children or just our parenting decisions in general.

My life story

We started the blog to talk about our families and experiences, but it's our life. They are the experiences that have brought us to the point we are in, in our life. Not everyone will agree with the way we do things but these are the decisions and stories about our life.

a dad in action
Daddies babywear too! Tula to the rescue.

I wanted for you, the one reading this blog to read and be shaking their head saying, yup I can relate. So I sat down for over a week and started to setup the blog. I wrote down blog ideas, things that happen to me that possibly others can relate to. I also wrote a list of possible names for my blog.

A Side of Crunchy

I finally ended up with "A Side of Crunchy". If you are familiar with the term crunchy it relates to families who practice natural way of living in any way. It may be that you cloth diaper, babywear, breastfeed, co-sleep, eat non-gmo, etc. The list can honestly go on and on.

I don't feel that any one person does things completely crunchy and so I ended up with a side of crunchy because that is what I am. I still bleach my hair and do my nails. I still have a husband who insist on using bleach on our clothes, although that part is getting better.

date night
My 30th birthday celebration!

So you see while you are taking everything in and wondering what to do next think about this, what if we could each teach each other about something. What if I taught you about the amazingness of cloth diapers? Or maybe I taught you about being open to the idea that even though you may vaccinate your child and I don't that they are still be friends and so can we.

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8 thoughts on “The reason I blog and why I named the blog a side of crunchy!”

  1. I love your story! I can definitely relate to not being entirely perfect with doing things the natural way either! I think that’s what brigs about uniqueness!

  2. It was so great to get to know more about you! I have come across your blog and always wondered what was behind the name! Thank you again.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic blog! Congratulations on your 5 children! That’s amazing! Have subscribed to your mailing list

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