What you need to know to find the perfect daycare

finding the perfect daycareFrom the moment you become a parent you start to worry about the day you need to leave your child for the first time. Who will that first person be? How long will it be ok to be away? The list goes on and on for worries we have as parents.

Then the first time comes and you leave the baby for a few hours with someone trusted. The next time it seems a little bit easier but then comes the day you need to return to work. Will you be able to trust the daycare, learning center, etc the same way. Will they do for your child the same way you would???

For most of us these are the things that keep us from being focused, from being able to get a goodnight sleep. Like that ever happens when you have children but maybe from those cat naps we get in between nursing and getting enough to survive.

Where do you start looking for the best childcare? For most of us the best option is to ask friends, make a post on Facebook. You then make a call or check them out but are you asking the right questions?

For us finding the right daycare wasn't easy. We are not your typical family and I have very high expectations. I want my child to be taken care of just like I would do when I am home. We use cloth diapers, pace feed my breastmilk, non vaccinated and I do NOT want my baby to sit in a playpen all day. I went to several daycare facilities before I choose one.

Some said it would be ok but while I sat there I could see that wasn't going to happen. Some don't allow you to walk around or come in past the door to drop off your kids. Then you will find others that will not accept you because they don't want to have to deal with one of your request. Until the moment comes that you walk into a daycare and know you have found the one.

So what did I look for? I have created a wonderful checklist for you, it will include all the questions you should ask and even a rating system to narrow down your search.

9 thoughts on “What you need to know to find the perfect daycare”

  1. I quit my job to avoid putting out girls in daycare. We lived in a very small town and the options were not good. We had them in private sitters or in home daycares then when we ran out of those options and knew we were out of options we just decided it was time for me to stay home. I know that’s not an option for everyone though so thanks for this post!

  2. This is such a struggle for most parents. It’s so hard to send your baby, the one you care so much for in the hands of someone else. Plus you hear terrible things from the media. Good list, it should make it a little easier.

  3. Daycares FREAK ME OUT – so many horror stories! I am incredibly thankful for being able to stay home, but I love your checklist. You really made the process that much easier should we ever need to find a daycare 🙂

  4. Finding the right daycare has been the biggest challenge for me as a parent. My husband stays at home with the kids, but I know that my one year will have to go to daycare so that my husband can return to work. My priority for a daycare is security and child to caregiver ratio.

    1. Those are great priorities. I hope the list will help you out when it is time for your search. Also remember it’s never too early to look as some places have waiting list.

  5. Daycare is definitely such a hard decision because you want to make sure you little one is in the best hands possible. Thanks for making up the checklist!

    1. At the end of the day most children spend more time with the caregivers than you. The most important thing is that you trust your child is in good hands.

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