What to expect in your second trimester

If you are between 13-27 weeks you are now in your second trimester. This is an exciting time for most parents, a safer zone if you will. Between 20-24 weeks is when the viability window for a baby to survive if they are born prematurely.

Now in your second trimester, you may feel the “morning” sickness ease, feel the baby move around starting with little flutters and becoming kicks as the weeks go on. If you are documenting your pregnancy this will be one of those moments you look forward to.

Congrats! You are now in the second trimester of your pregnancy and are half way there to meet your little one. I bet you are wondering what you should expect. Well we have everything you need to know here.

Testing to expect

If you are seeing a provider for your prenatal care you’ll want to know what testing to expect. This can vary from one to another but you should expect the following:

  • Glucose Screen: To check for diabetes in pregnancy.
  • Blood Count: To recheck for anemia.
  • Antibody screen: If you are Rh negative, administration of RhoGAM.
  • Repeat HIV screen

I want to remind you, that you have the right to decline any test you do not wish to have done. There are other options to the glucose test and you may want to research them although I plan to cover that topic in a future blog.

PreGease Morning Sickness & Heartburn Relief

As far as the antibody screen and administration of RhoGAM that is another topic to research. I will say that in the past I blindly trusted that it was needed, life or death situation but have since gone on to learn that is not the case. Just as in any vaccine research must be done. I encourage you to read about it, take time to look into when it is really recommended.

Doing your own care?

If you are well then this is just another milestone in your pregnancy. I am now in my third trimester but have been going with the flow of this pregnancy. I do check my urine, blood pressure, weight, and checking in with myself. I know not everyone will understand why I would check in with myself and how I do that so let me explain.

Self check in

I am not a first-time mom, so my children need me, my husband desires me and well I’m growing a baby here. I work from home and homeschool our children. Life has a way of taking over and then we forget about ourselves. Sometimes we forget to really ask ourselves how we are doing, listen and find a solution.

I like to sit alone, outside is the best place and just relax. I see what I am missing, what I need and then do it. It can be taking a warm bath or going for a walk. Calling a friend can help just being able to talk about topics that don’t include anything but what you want. I love my family but only so many conversations can be about everyone else, right?

Taking it one step further

Having someone or a group of people to talk with, vent or just celebrate a milestone with. We have a community wait for you, join our chit chat group.

Where do you find your support?

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