What I should really research about vaccines?

Are you ready to start your research on vaccines? Researching the benefits and risk of vaccines allows you to make the best-informed decision. I’ll be honest and say this I wasn’t always on the side of vaccines.

I recommend everyone stop taking a side and really research all vaccines. Look at the studies, read the vaccine inserts. vaccine. vaccine inserts. vaccine research.

Starting my research

It wasn’t until I was told to research the ingredients, reactions, the payouts from vaccine injuries and the very fact that because in 1982 vaccine manufactures blackmailed Congress and now they are immune from prosecution, meaning you can’t sue them.

Once I learned just a little bit of information I began to do more research and this last year I found a show on Facebook called Hirewire Talk. Which lead me to do more research on vaccines. I learned that no safety studies have been done on all the vaccines shown on our children’s recommended list. We have also never done a double-blind safety study on vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

My reason for sharing this is because most don’t know these simple facts. We are told that vaccines are safe and told not to question our doctors. When did it become human nature not to have a million questions when we are told we HAVE to do something?

Our vaccine injury story

Before I met my husband and became a bonus mom my son was vaccinated and later needed a blood transfusion. This happened at the age of two after getting the MMR vaccine. Once I started doing all of this research I started to put everything together. Unfortunately, we weren’t together and didn’t know anything about vaccines and vaccine injuries.

We are one of the “blessed” families and I use that term lightly but knowing how much worse this could have been. I can’t say that the doctor at the time even reported this injury as it is estimated that less than 10% of injuries are reported. You can report and learn more about vaccine injuries here.

Reading recommendations

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