What I should really research about breastfeeding?

You have probably never heard anyone tell you to research breastfeeding. More times then not you are asked what formula you will use with the baby. You are sent so many samples and then given even more when you go to interview pediatricians.

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What should you research and what do you need to know?

Breastfeeding can be hard at first. I don’t care what anyone says I have been there four times and nursed for well over 6 years combined. I have had mastitis, bleed from my nipples, had to pump because I worked but none of these things made me want to stop nursing. It made me seek help and learn more about breastfeeding.

Are you sure you want to breastfeed? Maybe you are on fence and need some book recommendations and some support. breastfeeding. new mom research. pregnancy research. breastfeeding book recommendations.

How can you research breastfeeding?

It can seem weird to research something our bodies just do, produce breastmilk as it is human nature to want to feed our children but when you research breastfeeding it allows you to be better prepared. You are able to learn what to expect and the signs that you may need some help.

You may be asking yourself what help could I possibly need, it’s just breastfeeding. The truth is it isn’t just pulling out your breast to nurse, it’s making sure you have a good latch and avoid cracked nipples. It is also being a human pacifier to avoid nipple confusion.

Here are my research recommendations. How soon will you need to go back to work? This will help determine when you should start pumping and how to do it so you don’t create an oversupply.

You may also want to test what bottle the baby will take. I have to say sometimes the baby will not take one from you, this is normal, why take a bottle from you when I know I can nurse right from you.

What about your diet, will that need to change? For most, the answer is no but sometimes you may need to remove something from your diet if you notice it affects the baby. Knowing all of these things and so much more can help you avoid feeling like you have failed. I will be the first one to tell you, you are not a failure. Breastfeeding takes some work at first but there is no one more capable of nursing your child than you are. Think of all the free cuddles you’ll get, the extra kisses you’ll give and hey if you are lucky maybe mama will be the first word you hear.

Finding support

Finding support seems hard when I have said earlier that not everyone may understand your reseason to breastfeed but I promise it isn’t. From Facebook groups to La Leche League and Kelly Mom support is all around us. There are women all over the world are ready to support our fellow sisters.

Not everyone around you will understand your reasons to breastfeed. You may even get some side-eye when they see you but if you know all the reasons you breastfeed that is all that matters. I have heard stories of partners asking for you to cover up or only to nurse at home and while covering up may be an option only nursing at home means pumping while out. Which do they like the idea of?

Funny story- I have had to pump while attending births, sometimes while driving (this can be done safely) so unless they want a driver to happen to see you attaching all your pump parts while they drive this might not be the best option.

Book recommendations

There are so many books on breastfeeding including:

I have even created a list of my favorite and even must-have products and you can check out some others I have added since not only for breastfeeding but parenting in general. What are your favorite books and products to have?

2 thoughts on “What I should really research about breastfeeding?”

  1. Very educational! Thank you for sharing! I always thought breastfeeding was the odd option out but. I chose to breastfeed because of finances when I had my first child. It wasn’t until a few years later that I began learning more and more of the benefits and my options surrounding it. This information would have really helped me in that pursuit of information.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read. I am so happy you were able to learn all the benefits both yourself and your child get from a breastfeeding relationship.

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