What happens when you are being scored by your provider?

Have you ever wondered why or how a provider thinks you are a candidate to have labor induced? What crystal ball do they have that tells them? Do they have a secret phone line to the baby that tells them, “Hey doc, I am ready to come out on May 24th but I don’t want to start labor on my own so you go ahead”? Yes, I am being funny here. That was a joke because there is no secret line that has been discovered yet. You are being scored by your provider!

Did you know you are being scored by your provider? A score to tell you something that can mean nothing.

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Are you being scored by your provider?

What I am about to say may not surprise you but hey maybe it will. I want to be completely honest with this post by telling you, you are being scored by your provider. I also need to tell you this score could mean nothing.

What is a bishop score?

A bishop score is a way of calculating how favorable the cervix is.

Imagine earning a point for everything a provider feels is positive about you and your pregnancy and then getting one taken away for anything they don’t feel is positive. That is how your bishop score is calculated.

Who likes being looked at like a game, I don’t. I don’t need to be sitting there with my knees fall to the side while you are counting points in your head. I mean that may not be when they are working out the numbers but you are being scored. The closer you are to your guess date the more likely you are to be tired, everything hurts and you are so ready to be done. Sometimes we are so done at that moment, we just give in.

So let’s play the game

Just for fun, I thought we would add some excitement to the post. So for anything you can answer or have heard at your last visit.


Posterior = No points

Middle = 1 point

Anterior =2 points


Firm= No points

Medium= 1 point

Soft= 2 points


0-30%= No points

40-50%= 1 point

60-70%= 2 points

80%+= 3 points


Closed= No points

1-2cm= 1 point

3-4cm=1 point

5+= 3 points


-3= Zero points

-2= 1 point

-1/0= 2 points

+1/+2= 3 points

Bonus points

+1 point for for each vaginally birth

-1 for first time parents

Okay, go ahead and add your points up.

Tell me seeing the number you have and how likely you think the induction conversation will take place? Having a doula or birthkeeper to help guide you and remind of your birth plan do you think you could avoid the conversation of an unnecessary induction?

What if I told you this score could also mean nothing! Your cervix is not a crystal ball and you can remain at these same numbers for weeks or you can go into labor right now.

Knowing the risk

Something I encourage all of my clients is to know the risk. Every time you allow your cervix to be checked you are allowing bacteria to enter the vagina. Since we now also know that these numbers mean nothing why bother risking it?

Additionally, inductions can cause complications causing the wheel of interventions to start without an end in sight. You are the only person in charge and when you say no or stop those are the only words that matter.

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How were you scored by your provider?

Comment below with your score.
I can literally tell you how likely you are to be induced with just the bishop score.

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