What every parent should know about circumcision

If you have followed the page for some time you know I am a regret mom. I regret my uneducated decision to circumcise our son. It is not easy to live with this regret as it is something I will never to able to take back and will forever be asking my son to forgive me. If I can save just one child I would be happy.

Just recently I received a Facebook message from a dear friend who said that because of my post she decided not to circumsise her son. It was a message that made my day.

What every parent needs to know before having a son.

Babies feel pain

I have heard this in my own personal experience that my son would feel no pain, they would sleep through the circumcision, etc. This is not true at all. It has been proven that babies feel every ounce of pain caused by the procedure. Why would any parent who knows how much pain their child would be in allow a provider to circumcise their son? If I knew then what I know how my son would have been kept whole.


What are the risk?

  • Death
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Loss of skin
  • Trapped/Concealed Penis

Along with so many more that are listed here.

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Recommended reading

The following are links I found on Saving Our Sons and various other places. I highly recommend you take the time to read each of these.

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What will you do now that you know?

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