How to wash cloth diapers that will last

Welcome to the WONDERFUL world of cloth diapers!

As you start to do your research for cloth diapers you are going to be told about the benefits including cute bum pictures, early potty training, resale value and more. In order for you to really enjoy and become obsessed with cloth diapers, you'll want to know how to care for them correctly.


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How to maintain the resale value?

The way you care for your diapers if going to determinate your resale value. While some diapers might be known china cheapies and not have the best resale value others are amazingly made and hold their value.

This post will cover all the ways to care for your diapers and you may want to check out our post on how to wash your diapers.

The most important thing is a good wash cycle BUT if you have build up and don't remove it you will start to have issues. These issues can include leaks and the smell of ammonia. If you notice this issues join Cloth Diaper Wash and Care a Facebook group with amazing support and tips.

At the end of the day CARE for your diapers like they are your babies!!

Agitation is key when washing diapers.

These HE machines simply aren’t designed to clean heavily soiled items. They don’t agitate on their own and they use very little water.

You bulk so you can get the proper agitation to loosen the feces and urine from your fibers. Your most heavily soiled load is indeed your first wash so agitation is most important in this wash cycle.

You should be using the amount of detergent recommended on the container for lightly soiled laundry. If you aren’t bulking, this will be too much detergent. Too much detergent and too little water is a bit of a cloth nightmare.

Please stop commenting that only the main load needs to be bulked. This simply isn’t true.

A great way to bulk is by substituting washcloths paper towels. It’s a green option and an easy way to fill a load. These white wash clothes are only $4 for a pack of 18. Hang wetbags throughout the house and you’re good to go. Toss em in on wash day.

What is RLR and how to use it?
RLR works by removing particles from fabric left behind by hard minerals or residue from detergent. It suspends them in the water so the detergent you use with the RLR can bind to the particles and wash them away.
There a couple of places with it in stock cheaper than Amazon I personally order from Dearest Diapers (this shop has rewards on purchases)
*we use it monthly in our house for diapers and towels since our water reads at over 400ppm. You don’t normally need to buy in bulk as we do*
Learn to care for your cloth diapers. You'll be happy you did because they'll last more than one child. #clothdiaper #clothdiaperwashing #caringforclothdiapers
Caring for your cloth diapers like their your babies!

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