This is an amazing service for those who don't have a doula in their area or for those who would like to work with a specific doula. We would love to work with you!

virtual birth support

About Virtual Doula Services

Our Virtual Doula Services are great for anyone on a budget or not ready to invite anyone into their birth space. This allows you to call, text and even video chat during your pregnancy and birth when support is needed.


Q. Will a doula come to my home at all

A. This package was created for those wanting pregnancy and birth support from afar. For this package, a doula does not come to your home.


Q. How often can I contact my doula?

A. Once your payment is made we are on alert for you. You can call and text at any time. A video chat option will be available if requested in advance or once you have gone into labor and need support.


Q. What if I don't end up calling you for support in labor?

A. That is ok, we hope all the support we offered during your pregnancy was just the reassessment you needed. If in the early days of parenthood you need some help we continue our services for the first week after delivery.

Make payment

Any deposits may be made via Paypal

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