VBAC: Alicia Owen Incredible Story

VBAC is a vaginally birth that takes places after a cesarean section. So often families are lead to believe that once they have a C-section they will always need to have one. Alicia is a powerful mom who is sharing her encouraging birth story.

My due date with my second daughter was January 12th, two days before my own birthday. That day came and went without any excitement. The next day, Wednesday, I got my hopes up when I started getting more period-like cramps in the late afternoon.

However, I woke up the next morning, my birthday, to nothing. I was disappointed and pretty much threw a pity party for myself the entire day because I was so tired of being pregnant.

Empower women through birth stories

I woke up Friday morning, the 15th, in one of my “must clean all the things” moods. I wouldn't even consider it a “nesting” thing. It's just something that hits me now and then. Anyways, it was a miracle I felt like doing anything since I had slept terribly the past two nights. Plus, the cramping was back and considerably more bothersome. But, I carried on and my three year old helped me do some cleaning in the bathrooms, put dishes away, and some other random things around the house.

I decided to take a bath around 2 to try and relax, especially since Myka was engrossed in a movie. She ended up changing her mind and got in with me anyways, which was fine because I couldn't get comfortable at all with the cramps. I felt like I was starting to have actual contractions, so I downloaded a contraction timing app on my phone. They were only coming about every 30 minutes, so I wasn't too concerned.

After we both got done in the bath/shower, I made Myka lay down around 3:30 to take a nap. I put a movie in, sat down, and literally 10 minutes later started having stronger, regular contractions. Much to my surprise, I had 3 within a little less than 30 minutes, but I continued timing them for a whole hour. Again much to my surprise, they were already about 6-8 minutes apart. Since the doctor said to call if they were between 5 and 10 minutes apart, I called my husband, who had just gotten off work, and told him to skip stopping at the grocery store on the way home just to be safe.

I tried to finish gathering up all of the last minute things we would need for the hospital while I waited for my husband to get home. I was induced with my first daughter, so I was freaking out a little bit about everything happening so fast and being home by myself, especially since we live in the boonies a little bit. Luckily, he got home a little faster than usual and we left for the hospital around 6:20pm.VBAC Baby

We somehow made it to the hospital in record time (it's over an hour away) even though it was rainy and crummy and people were driving like idiots. My mom got there a few minutes before us, so we sent Myka on her merry way and got inside around 7:20pm. My contractions had gotten closer to 5 minutes apart on the way there and I was already dilated to 4/5cm by the time they checked me in triage.

Probably about an hour later when they checked me in my room I was at a 6. About another hour later I was at 8. At some point during this I agreed to have my water broken because the doctor “didn't want my labor to stall”. As fast as things were progressing I knew that wasn't going to happen, but I had heard some people say the pain of contractions isn't as bad afterwards. False...for me, at least.

Anyhow, the last time they checked me they said I was at 9/10cm...and my body promptly started pushing as soon as she was done checking me! I definitely wasn't expecting that because I had an epidural while pushing with my first, even though I didn't feel the urge to push. I really had no idea of what to expect without any pain medication of any kind!

All in all, I think I pushed for roughly half an hour. It didn't even feel that long because everything happened so fast. Like I said, my body was literally doing the whole pushing thing on its own. I had nothing to do with it. It was kind of scary, in a way, because I felt like I had no control.

I finally got to a point between contractions to where I tried sitting up to see if that would help with the pain, even though I was already pushing. When I had my next contraction I promptly shook my head and laid back down because there was a lot of pressure down there. After a few more pushes I could feel her head working its way down. For whatever reason, they couldn't find my on-call doctor even though I had already seen him, so they had to page another one from a different practice who was also there to come in. Her head was already partially, if not all the way, out by the time he got in the room. They told me to stop pushing for a second at one point. Yah right.

Anyways, after 2 or 3 more pushes she was out! Little Miss Ripley was born at 10:35pm on a Friday night VBAC mom and babyafter only being in labor for 7 hours. She weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 15oz. I'm still in a little awe of that. I can't believe I squeezed a baby that big out of my body without drugs. I kept telling my husband, “I did it!” I've read this in a lot of birth stories, but it really was an empowering experience! If you're thinking about VBAC, definitely find a supportive provider!

Visit Alicia Owen on her own blog Mixed Bag Mama.

I encourage every family to look into all of their birth options. Once a cesarean section doesn't always have to mean that the next birth will be the same. If you have a birth story to share please email [email protected] I would love to share your story.

18 thoughts on “VBAC: Alicia Owen Incredible Story”

  1. This is such an inspiring story. I have had C section for the first time and I am so worried if I will be able to deliver normally next time.

    1. I worried a LOT about that too when I was pregnant with her, but worrying doesn’t do much good over something you have little control of. Unfortunately, we can’t predict how our births will go. I will say, more than likely, you have a good chance of having a VBAC next time. If your c-section wasn’t an emergency and you have no underlying issues (like high blood pressure), more than likely you should be able to try for one! 🙂

  2. Aww! She’s beautiful. Love her name too. It’s always encouraging to read other women’s stories.

  3. I am preparing for my next pregnancy by learning as much as I can in vbacs. My birth was so traumatic I cannot have another csection.

    1. Definitely read up on lots of positive VBAC experiences, but also make sure you’re away of the “risks” too.

    1. I’m with ya. I love reading birth stories, but especially positive ones in general. I feel like too many women only hear the horror stories!

  4. What a great story. I love that this was a positive experience for you. So many women have traumatic experiences to share, it was nice to read a positive experience. With my last two the doc was like “just give me a sec to get a gown on!” and it’s like sure, I’ll just tell this baby to hold on! (insert sarcasm)

    1. Hey Samantha thanks for your comment this is actually a fellow mama’s story. I try to always encourage moms to share their birth experiences and hopes of empowering them and others.

    2. I totally agree with you. Why is it poor pregnant women always seem to only hear the scary horror stories from friends and family? Not helpful! I’m hoping by sharing my positive VBAC story that more women will want/learn they CAN advocate for themselves as well. 🙂

      1. I remember when pregnant with my first that I said I was going to give birth at a birth center I was told that I was stupid and that within five minutes I would be asking for an epidural I sure did prove them wrong.

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