Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day that most think is a made-up holiday for big companies to sell candy, flowers and cards. That may be the case but who doesn’t like a good excuse to eat chocolate?

Don’t get me wrong it’s great to have an excuse to go out but do you really need an excuse? I like being spur of the moment and just going with the flow.

For us Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to have family fun. Last year we went to a Bash of Paint event located at Goin’ Bananas and the kids loved being able to have dinner, paint and well mama enjoyed the drinks. Goin’ Bananas has one side for kids like an indoor jungle gym. I was able to sit and relax while keeping an eye on them.

Celebrating doesn’t have to be an expensive day or a day just for couples. It is can be a wonderful day when you include the kids. Imagine being able to still have a romantic with the kids. Showing them that love isn’t about how much money you spend or the number of gifts you get but how much you show someone you care about them.

Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

If you wanted until last minute or truly forgot that we are an entire month and a half into the year and well now Valentine’s Day is here I have compiled some last-minute ideas.


A nice way to just sit back and relax, especially on a week night is to have a family movie night. Order some pizza, grab a bag or two of popcorn and sit around the t.v.


By now we all have Amazon, right? If you like me live in radius for Prime Now last-minute shopping isn’t a problem.

Design your own painting night. Order paint brushes, paint and some blank canvas. Allow each member of the family to create something that reminds them of love. If I had to guess my son will paint a spider-man, his one true love!


When all else fails, bake. I love baking and you have so many options, cookies or cakes. Cheesecake, bread, brownies, the list goes on. Baking allows family bonding, requiring you to communicate. It also teaches math by having kids measure out the ingredients.

What are your plans? How do you include your kids in your celebrations?

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