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Vaccine research seems a hot topic nowadays. I offer a fair warning this might not be a blog for everyone. Our family for one are ex vaxxers, a family who once vaccinated but has since stopped. What changed you might ask? I did my research and looked for the signs.

In life you either have have friends like me, who will talk openly about not vaccinating or those worried they might lose friends if they open up about their choice. You may actually be unfriend you if you say that you don’t vaccinate. I have never understood why they can’t support your decision. Why can’t they also do some research other than what doctors are telling them so they to can have an open discussion?

Regardless, if you are starting your vaccine research or looking to help further your research these are the books you'll want to read. Vaccine research. Book recommendations. Family.

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Starting research

To give a little background of how this research started for me. After finding out I was expecting my daughter Faith, I found some “crunchy” friends who opened my eyes to a whole new life. One of those eye-opening discoveries was vaccines. I started to read books and ask other families what made them decide not to. The more I heard stories the more I wanted to know.

I then made an appointment with the same pediatrician my husband took my bonus son, Nikolaus, to. Then sat and waited for my turn to meet this doctor. I was honest and told him about my home birth plans, that did not go well. He scared the shit out of me. It was so bad to the point that I left and wanted to find an obstetrician.

I still stuck it out. After having my birth, the birth I wanted I went back with my newborn. I explained that I wanted to know more about vaccines. It was like I told him I had just killed someone, he stood looking at me without words. Without missing a beat he told me “If you don’t vaccinate, you can’t come back”. I stood up, grabbed my daughter and walked out. If a doctor can’t answer my questions, it is not a doctor I want.

I then went on to find an amazing vaccine, friendly doctor. If you knew him it was to love him, the kids knew him as Spiderman, everything in the office was Spiderman related. He took his time to answer my vaccine questions. He sat there and answered every single question, not once did he look at his watch. Tell me the last time you went to the doctor and that happens, I’ll wait.

Support team

It is always nice to have someone to vent to, someone who understands your decision not to vaccinate. The debate over whether or not to vaccinate will always continue on. Those close to you may even offer you an ultimatum if you continue to be friends you must vaccinate. I have never heard someone who didn’t vaccinate offer that same ultimatum but with the world we live in you just never know.

Family can be tough ones, they are the hardest ones to judge your decisions. We all know the “Back in my day” speeches. Find friends and family who are like you or accepting of your decision. Remember the reasons you decided not to vaccinate and always continue to do you research. Hold your ground!

Book recommendations

Below you’ll find some book recommends to start your journey. If you click on the name of the book it will take you to Amazon for ordering.

If you happen to find or know of other great books, I’m always open to adding more helpful books to the list. What books have you found useful? Looking for support or friends like you, join our Facebook Group, Birthing Unassisted Chit Chat.

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