How I do my unassisted pregnancy prenatal care?

Hi everyone, welcome back for our 14 weeks pregnancy update. It wasn’t until this week when our secret pregnancy was made public so I went ahead and made the official announcement on social media that someone reminded me I was almost half way. How the heck did I get to the almost halfway point so fast?

Our unassisted pregnancy journey and how we are doing our prenatal care. Also see our 14 week pregnancy update.

What are your prenatal care plans?

The questions I get so often when I mention having an unassisted pregnancy is what about if you need a doctor and how do you do your own prenatal care. Those are actually great questions that I feel need answers. With so many misconceptions about unassisted pregnancy and birth I really want to take my time to answer those questions.

When having an unassisted pregnancy it is totally false that a mom is not getting any prenatal care most of the time. Some may choose to do limited care or just follow how they are feeling that too is prenatal care.

I personally log how I am feeling via my blog and add notes about my weight, blood pressure, and urine strip results to a document I created. (link document here) I don’t feel all the testing done now when receiving care from a provider is needed. I think it is important to know what each test is looking for and decide if it is something you really need. Did you know you can request your own test? Many labs allow you to order your own lab work and the results are given directly to you. Later in pregnancy, I will test my iron but that is about all the lab work I feel I need.

What do others do for prenatal care?

I recently asked a group of women what they did for their care and received a large response so I will share a few for you to get the idea. Any care is not a one size fits all and you should do your research for what works best for you.

Gracie said “so far this cycle I’ve taken whole food prenatal and meditated daily to check in with babe! I plan to follow a similar prenatal plan and follow my intuition”

At almost 25 weeks Stephanie says I took a Whole Foods prenatal while I was super sick in the beginning, now I just eat healthfully and abundantly. Epsom salt baths and/or natural calm almost every day. I’ve checked sugars a few times and will again later on. I might check bp and urine if I get around to it or feel especially called to lol. I haven’t weighed myself. Walks and mild exercise when I’m up for it but I’m also really honoring my body’s need to rest. I have a fetoscope but haven’t really used it.

Patrice tells us with my first pregnancy, she hired naturopathic midwives and did all the basic stuff. I fired them at 33 wks and gave birth with a regular midwife. With her second, pregnancy she was in Ecuador. She interviewed one midwife at 12 wks and didn’t like her so she did nothing else and birthed unassisted at home around 37wks.

As you can tell each pregnancy, each birth, each experience is and can be different. Sometimes you want a little more care and others you know your body and baby are on the same page and will rock the shit out of your birth.

How’s the baby?

I know you have been waiting to hear about the baby so here we go. At 14 weeks the baby is about the size of an apple. I have a doppler so we heard his/her heartbeat and it was amazing, loud and fast just like it should be. I might have felt the baby move but they are just little random flutters that catch me by surprise.

How is mama feeling?

This week I am still trying to hold down food but doing better than the past 13 weeks which is about right for “morning” sickness. I find the magnesium butter helps me.

My blood pressure is 90/65 which is amazing and my normal range when I am super relaxed.

I am working on drinking lots of fluids and eating smaller meals more often. This is easy to make happen when your husband loves to cook.

Overall I feel amazing. Baby is growing and will be here before we know it. This week has been pretty uneventful which is a great sign.

What is your prenatal care like?

We are so much stronger, powerful and able to then we ever thought possible. It is amazing to see a women realize how much power she has,

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