Our birth story: Stephanie LeBoeuf

a flower to represent life and your cervix opening in birthFor many the thought of going unassisted doesn’t cross their mind. For others it is the best decision they make. Going unassisted allows you to have as little or as much prenatal care as you would like. It allows you to have the freedom to birth in any position you’d like and to wait until the baby is ready without the rush from a care provider.

I was blessed to meet Stephanie in an unassisted birth group and shared my birth with the group. In meeting these families and parents I encouraged them to share their birth story in the hopes it would encourage others to explore all their birth options.

Our birth story ? Stephanie LeBoeuf

We welcomed Baby L earth side at 6:25 pm on Wednesday March 21st. It was an intense labor and a fast delivery. Every wave was more intense than the last and I have several doubts.

Birth team

My birth team was beyond amazing. I could not have done it without Chase, my husband. ? Laiken (my best friend) was seriously the best help we could have asked for, she did everything, so Chase could focus solely on me and I can’t even begin to thank her. I started with lighting sage and an incense.

Labor Starts

Chase lite the birthing candle and in the beginning, I was contracting while leaning on the birthing ball and holding into Chases calves. Max and Alex were wonderful as they helped, and they would come ask every few minutes “Is baby here yet?” It was adorable, about a dad looking into his babies eyes after an unassisted birthhalf way through they were sent to maw maws house, so I could focus more. Then at some point I moved to the pool where Chase was rubbing my back and letting me do whatever I needed to do but at some point, I felt like the water was distracting me, so we got out and I labored on the toilet for a while and then I moved to the bath tub. After each contraction I would break down so overwhelmed with emotion and pressure. But Chase gave me every affirmation the I CAN DO THIS.

Change in birth location

After the bath tub I decided to move to the bed. I probably spent most of the time in the bed on my back (eye roll because I ended up birthing on my back lol) towards the unknown end I was insanely exhausted, so we made the decision to go to the hospital because I was having wave after wave and I had no clue if I was dilated enough or if I was progressing. Chase assured me repeatedly that it was my decision and he would stand by me no matter what. As Laiken and Chase were packing up the van (We were about to leave) I was lying in bed still and here came another wave and I told Chase to come help me like he had been doing (I had been pushing my feet against him) and as I’m pushing I felt the ring of fire and Chase saying he could see the baby’s head!

Unassisted birth

Laiken came rushing in because she heard my noises and she helped hold my leg for me, so Chase could catch his beautiful baby. If we would have left minutes sooner, I would have given birth in the van! The head took 3 waves but after the head, the whole body followed extremely fast. To our surprise the baby was born in their sac and with the cord laid on their neck. Barely made A noise once on my chest and hasn’t made much noise since. The most peaceful baby I’ve ever met. Their eyes were open immediately and a full a house on a large piece of land for an unassisted birthhead of hair! A perfect baby. Baby L did the breast crawl and latched on PERFECTLY. We are now blissfully lying in bed. Placenta is straining in its bowl for the night and I am peacefully free bleeding while cuddling our sweet new baby love. We plan to do a Lotus Birth which is when you leave the cord and placenta attached to the baby until It naturally falls off while preserving It with salts and herbs. It was the most RAW and INTENSE thing we have experienced. It was my dream come true.

An added bonus

We also decided to not reveal the gender/sex of our child. We have chosen to raise them Gender Creative, which means not limiting or setting expectations society tends to place on males and females. I use they/them pronouns for the baby as well as dress them in both “boy” and “girl” clothing. It ultimately gives them complete freedom to choose who they want to be or dress like.

An unassisted birth is an experience like no other. The overwhelming feeling of power and excitement is like no other. Have you ever experienced an unassisted birth or even considered it?

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