Toddler meals can be a hard time of day. As parents we know we should sit close enough to catch the plate before it hits the floor. As we serve meals we try not to allow one part of the meal to touch another. We know that if that happens the entire meal will be ruined.

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Make toddler lunch time fun with ez pz mats. Plus you avoid the mess of having plate go to the floor. mess free lunch. toddler lunch. toddler lunch idea.

This year Mommycon teamed up with ez pz and offered a mini play mat in our media bags for us to test out. I was so excited to try out the mat because I won't have to worry about the plate going right to the floor. It is funny to see the plate stick to any surface via suction. It is weird to see the suction work because you would expect to see little suction cups. I can tell you know you will not find any.Ez pz mats are a great options to make meal time fun. So many options from plates to bowls. mini mat. ez pz mat. toddler lunch. toddler meals.

The ez pz mats have so many options from bowls to happy mats. They are perfect for every meal solution. With the bowl you can serve a one dish meal such as a soup. You can use a mini play mat that has compartments and serve ice cream in the middle and each compartment can hold the topping options.

Toddler Meals

Toddler meals don't have to be boring either. Ez pz mats allow you to become creative. Toddlers like to snack all day and you may notice that you spend so much of your time in the kitchen. With the mats you can fill with fruits and veggies in each compartment then set on their table. You have now opened up your day with less time in the kitchen.

My friend and blogger Inez from For the love of mom has this wonderful list of for shopping for toddlers.  This has helped me get in and out of the store and make sure I always have great options on hand.

My EZ PZ review

As a mom of five I find myself cleaning often. I love the suction on the mats, it isn't too strong that it makes you hate life. As you can see ours is grey or is it gray? It keeps me from seeing any stains that might appear from pasta sauce. The material is also very easy to wipe down and allows for fast drying. My favorite part has to be that they are sturdy! You don't have to worry about anything spilling out of the bowl or compartments.

The EZ PZ mat is AMAZING! It is a must have in our home and I recommend you order it too. Don't have kids in your home? Add it to the gift bag for a baby shower or a first birthday.

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