The best way to organize your diaper bag

If you have been following me for a bit then you know my journey to motherhood was a little different.

I became a bonus mom (stepmom) for a wonderful two-year-old. Joining his life right before potty training began so my days of diapers and diaper bags were short-lived. I can even say even with helping my cousins I never worried about what went in the bag.

It was until I was a mom that I learned how important it was to always carry a bag and be prepared.

This is why!

Family showing off their organized car- how to organize your diaper bag

Why you must ALWAYS have a diaper bag

Over the years and now a mom of 6 I have learned that well… kids have all types of accidents. It isn’t just the bathroom accidents you need to worry about, it’s the jumped in a puddle because it was there, the coloring on clothes to see how it would look. It even sometimes is the I want to wear these clothes because they bother me.

Why do donations take so long to get out of the car?

I remember this one time I drove around with donations in my truck for like 3-4 months. I would drive by saying I need to stop and then forget.

It was this one day that the kids “forgot” to put on shorts or someone spilled something on the shorts that I had to break into the trunk and find a solution. Mind you all these clothes were in good condition but either too small for one or too big for another.

I know I should save them but the mess these kids make!!! Anyway a story for another day! Actually just watch my Instagram feed and you will see my battle.

So, at this point, I don’t care what size it is I will make due the best I can. I find something for my kid to wear and off we go. This is when the bad faces are made at parents wondering why you would “let you kids out looking like that”. I can say I don’t give a dang since I am more than happy for my kids to explore the way they want to dress and express their styles.

So needless to say, always carry a diaper bag no matter how old your kids are. If they jump in a pool although you weren’t expecting to swim. If you are at a party and a cake fight breaks out you don’t have to fear the seats filling with cake. You know the things we don’t think are going to happen but still manage to.

What do I need to carry?

This will depend on the ages of your kids but I will try to keep it as simple as possible.

First of all 1-2 pairs of clothes as just in case. In case you run off for the weekend or the kids take a hike and get wet. This includes underwear or diapers depending on the ages. If you are potty training or just completed then I’m sure you know to always be prepared.

Food or snacks. This will also depend on the ages but don’t forget about the adults and picky eaters. I remember being invited last minute over for a playdate and my picky child made a show of how they don’t eat anything. This poor family basically opened the kitchen and said find anything you’d like to eat.

With the clothes I forgot to add SHOES and socks. Kids may all of a sudden say the shoes hurt their feet, your show may break or get soaked from standing too close to the puddles. You just never know but these are great memories to have for later.

I’ll make a complete list and of course tune into Youtube for a video of me packing the bag.

Diaper bag organization!

Diaper bag organization is so important or else you’ll be overrun with a mess trying to find the one thing you need. Crunchy WIshes carries a diaper bag and wet bags we love to use, while you are there take a look at the swim diapers.

Our diaper bag collection (we have three of the color/print options) is one that offers lots of pockets and storage. What I love to do is get extra clothes and socks and put them in a wet bag. Then I get a bigger wet bag for extra diapers or clothes and load those into the car.

Once inside the car, I have those small storage cubes in the trunk so I don’t end up with an explosion but let’s be honest when you have kids that happen anyway.

How to organize a bag for the bigger kids?

For the bigger kids like our 15 years old, you could always just put their clothes in the storage bins. I made a board on Pinterest for car organization you may like for more ideas.

If they have a suitcase, like a sports one they can always be prepared. You know those last minute sleepovers that they always preplan but don’t tell us. I guess in the video I have planned you will hear me rant of all the times I have needed clothes for one reason or another.

What about a checklist?

So of course I would be the one to say create a checklist because I ALWAYS forget something. Trying to manage 6 kids is not hard but trying to remember what all the kids isn’t easy. Who used what already, who took out their bag without me noticing. Those are the kinds of things I run into so… here is a list for you but don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel as I show you what our car looks like when it is clean and organized.

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