I have to be honest and say I have never used a sleep sack before. We normally just put pajamas on the kids and off to bed they so. I wasn't a fan of having to completely take off the sack to change a diaper and running the high possibility of waking up the baby.

This would be no fun for anyone. So needless to say I was interested to try out a product that said I wouldn't have to completely undress my toddler.


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What is 'On Move Toddler Sleeping Bag'

The 'On The Move Toddler Sleeping Bag' is a great solution for our cold fall days. The sleeping sack allows you several options for the best sleep solution for your child. The sleeping bag allows you to either keep feet covered or out. You are also able to make it a little smaller with snaps located inside in the case like me you have the tendency to buy big. You also have two zippers for easy diaper changes without having to take everything off for those night time diaper changes.

The specs

  • Convertible feet holes to switch from sleep to play (and back!)
  • No-fuss, 2-way zipper makes diaper changes a snap
  • Modify length to prevent trips and grow with baby
  • Travel-friendly seatbelt slot for strollers and car seats
  • TOG 0,5
  • Ultra-soft and breathable 100% cotton
clock icon Machine Washable

Our problem

For our daughter, she loves sleeping uncovered and sometimes will even remove her clothes at night. We hate waking up to check on them and there she is again completely uncovered and her little feet being cold. We then have to change her diaper and cross our fingers that we don't wake her up.

Here we would go trying carefully take off her pants and unsnapping the diaper. We recently teamed up with ergobaby and tested out the 'On The Move Sleeping Bag'. We wanted to see if it would be the solution we needed. Would our daughter be able to sleep through the night, allowing us to change her as needed?

Getting ready

Our sleeping sack arrived and the same day we were ready to test it out. At first, I was confused about the size and how to make it smaller for my smaller toddler. Being honest I'm horrible at reading directions I'm more of a figure it out kind of person.

After a few minutes, I took her back out of it and turned it inside out. I noticed the small snaps inside to make it a little smaller. You have two snaps on each side to make the sleep sack the size that works best at the moment and still have it grow with you.

You also have two zippers one in the front for easy in and out and another between the legs for diaper changing.

Ergobaby sleep sack

The solution

Back into the sleeping sack, we went and it was a perfect fit. I left her feet out as she ran around the house putting her sleep sack to the test. Once bedtime arrived we changed her diaper, put her little feet away and crossed our fingers. It was the best thing ever!

The next morning our diaper changing was easy, we let out her feet and walked to the kitchen to have breakfast. We were so happy to see our daughter kept warm all night.

Where to buy?

I have been able to find them right through Ergobaby and Amazon. If you are a lover on Amazon shopping like me you know two-day and free shipping is a must-have. If you don't have Amazon just yet you can sign up here for a 30 days trial.

Are you are looking for a sleep solution look no further than the 'On The Move Toddler Sleeping Bag'.

Do you have one in your home?

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