Our First Visit To The Tennessee State Museum

We recently took our first unschooling trip to the Tennessee State Museum. Let me just say it was amazing. We went room by room and learned about the history of Tennessee by time period.  Before I jump into everything we saw let me start from the beginning. A few important tips take your time, eat before you arrive and take lots of pictures!

Taking a trip to the Tennessee State Museum for a homeschooling trip. This is such a great learning experience.

Finding the Tennessee State Museum

This is a huge building and hard to miss. Right at the corner and next to the Nashville Farmers Market and behind the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. Three great places to visit one right next to another. We will have to visit the farmers market and the State Park another time as we spend almost three hours at the Tennessee State Museum.

Arriving at the Tennessee State Museum

Once we arrived parking was not hard at all, that could be because it was right as the museum open. The kids loved seeing what they called the waterfall in the front of the building. We stopped to take a few pictures and ask them each what they thought of the building itself. We turn everything into a learning opportunity.

There is no fee which is another great reason to go. It takes hours to complete the self-guided tour so make sure to eat before you go or stop by the Farmers Market.

The children section

I will say I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more. The children’s section is on the first floor to the left once you

TSM is a great place to take the family. Making it a great day out and educational.

walk in. It is a big room with the walls painted all types of art about the history of Tennessee, the floor had a huge beautiful map of Tennessee. They have books in one corner, some music instruments along the wall and next to that a set up for some tablets. They weren’t there at the time of our visit.

They also had a lady sitting at a table who gave the kids a scavenger hunt and the prize was a stamp on their paper or their hand. I wish there was something to help the younger ones have a learning opportunity. I am not saying a lesson but maybe some toys or displays at their level.

The upper level

Once you take the elevator to the second level everyone starts in the same section the beginning of time. Just to be clear this is specifically about Tennessee history. Each room has a video to go along with the display of artifacts collected for each time period.

You travel through time and learn about the Indians, slaves and current issues. We also enjoyed a room filled with artwork. Another had music throughout the years, this was our favorite. Our family has a love for music funny enough we don’t play any instruments.

There is so much information under one roof a building full of history waiting for the curious minds of our children and even us adults.

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What do you hope to discover on your next trip?

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