Taking some me-time

Tonight is such a beautiful night that I decided to sit outside for a few minutes and enjoy some me-time.

Do you ever just know you need a moment to yourself? A moment to catch your breath, check-in with yourself. When I have that feeling I take time to check in with myself. Tonight was that night.

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While the kids and my husband stayed warm inside I went out and sat on the porch. I enjoy a little wine, started working on my scrapbook a gift to my mother for Christmas and kept warm with my new beanie.

While some people use money as a way of compensation when they aren’t around. I like thoughtful gifts. Those that when in use tell a story or bring a smile to the face of a loved one. My mom lives in Florida while we are in Tennessee so pictures of the kids with updates of things that happen during the year or new places we may have visited.

Beanie #cachealaska #alaskastyel

Do you ever create scrapbooks? Before I had kids I had lots of extra time so I would sit with all of my supplies on the floor and start to scrapbook. I honestly have some books that looking back I wonder what I was thinking when I made them but I also know all the memories I have created and saved over the years.

Although tonight I had my beanie on the cold started to hit me again so back inside I went. My daughter, Faith was in the process of making a video for our YouTube channel with all the new products we’ve received. She loves when I ask her to help me out. She created the video and I help her edit it. This is bonding time, isn’t it?

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