Surprising things you’ll wish you had known postpartum

Most of the time when it comes to pregnancy or motherhood our friends and family love to share. They tell us about the sleepless nights and the leaking breast. They will even tell us about their birth experience.

What about postpartum? Do you honestly know what to expect?

I know I didn’t.

Making sure to get in a nap when possible is also important postpartum

Hair loss

I stepped out of the shower and sat on the bed to brush my hair. My first thought is I’m going bald. As I ran my hand through my hair a glob of hair was in my hands. The more I touched my hair the more it fell out.

After pains and bleeding

You thought the worse pain was giving birth. Your friends might have forgotten to tell you about the after birth pains. As your body works to put all your organs back to their rightful location you will feel cramps and period like cramps. For some this pain is worse than giving birth.

Now the after birth bleeding can happen for weeks. Remember all those times you wish the week long cycle would end? You will be wishing that was all you had to deal with. This is where the adult diapers some in to aid in your recovery.

Waiting on the milk

The first thing I want to say is don’t freak out. If you are seeing pee and poop diapers the baby is eating. For some it may take a few days for your milk to come in but you have colostrum and that alone keeps the baby full. Trust me when your milk comes in you will remember my next few words. I went to bed normal with just my colostrum breast and woke up to rock hard breast and a shirt that looked like I was having a wet t-shirt contest.

I promise you I was not.

Just say YES!

The moment you post you gave birth your phone will start going off. All the text, phone calls and SOS messages asking to meet the baby. Say yes, tell them that in exchange for sleep, a clean house, a hot long shower or a meal they can visit. Take advantage of every single one of those visitors who want to get those baby cuddles in to calm their ovaries down.

postpartum life and the untold stories

Postpartum emotional changes

Remember those emotions you felt while pregnant? They may have even been the sign that you were pregnant, don’t be surprised if they return. It is NORMAL! Your body is going through so many changes at your hormone levels are dropping so fast that your body needs time to adjust.

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17 thoughts on “Surprising things you’ll wish you had known postpartum”

  1. I see everyone’s experience is different. I am not yet a mother but i have friends who are mothers and they all have different experiences. I found this very interesting as i am thinking about conceiving soon. I am excited to see what my journey will be like,

  2. Everyone’s experience is different but it’s so important to highlight the complications and ways to work through it. Great post.

  3. It’s totally crazy how everyone thinks pregnancy ends as soon as you have the baby. The postpartum period is also a lot of hard work and you must take time to let your body heal. Support during this time is super important.

  4. This is nothing short of the truth. There are so many emotions and feelings battling though our bodies.

  5. I remember my experience after giving birth into my first baby. I experience a lot of emotions and hair falls but families and friends are always there so they helped me a lot to understand and to learn everything about being a mother.

  6. Thank you forgiving us such an information about postpartum. I have never been experience this buts it seems like it is so hard for a mother to have this.

  7. Yes, I thought ALL of these after having babies and I never would have thought about them beforehand. I agree with the saying yes to people – it isn’t bad to ask for a little help in exchange for some baby cuddles!

  8. I don’t have children and after reading your post.. I don’t think I want to have any. It sounds like post partum is a horrible experience that brings a lot of pain….

  9. I think all of these are important to know before you give birth – I certainly did know about many of these and I wish I had, just so I felt more prepared. Thanks for sharing, it will help a lot of people!

  10. I remember when I had my first baby, so many people came to my house it was a bit overwhelming. All they wanted to do was hold baby, and all I wanted them to do was help me in other ways. It was a very trying time!

  11. I have so many friends who are first time expecting moms who can totally benefit from this honest and frank advice! Cant wait to share!

  12. I was surprised that it was hard to pee right after the birth… and the nurses kept hounding me to go. They had a time limit. About 5 minutes before “cutoff” I was able to go — and FILLED the cup they had fitted into the toilet to measure “my output.” What?! First of all, how come I couldn’t pee earlier with that much in there? (baby leaving made extra room?) and why was it bright red? Hmmmmm…. I didn’t know much about after-birth-bleeding that time.

    Pooping didn’t happen until *after* I got home from the hospital, and it was sooooo scary. In fact, I decided that using my fingernail to scrape out chunks (like clay) was better than trying to push it out. I have never heard anyone admit to doing this, but I definitely “whittled it down” before getting a much-less-scary-sized-poop out. 🙁 Thank you handsoap for being invented.

    Another surprise — When my baby would cry it triggered my milk to letdown. When *other* people’s babies cried it also triggered letdown. When a radio was on static that ALSO triggered letdown. Surprise! Better have extra nursing pads packed when you go out, just in case of unexpected noises.

    Waking up in the morning DRENCHED in sweat was totally unexpected. This only happened after my first birth, but I literally soaked through my underthings, pajamas, bathrobe, AND towel, then dripped all over the floor when I got out of bed and walked across the room. “night sweats” doesn’t do justice to this phenomenon. On the plus side, I lost *all* the water weight really fast.

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