Everyone wants a successful business. We all want to have our dreams come true and offer the best services or products to our clients. Right?

In order to even think about having a successful business, we MUST be organized. Do we have the things we need and can we find them at the moment you need them?

If the answer is a maybe or no then you just have to keep reading.


Storing documents

There are several ways to organize your paperwork it can be electronic or paper in files. Whichever you choose will be fine and can equally be organized. There are programs like OneDrive or Dropbox that allow you to use their storage.

You’ll want to remember to put the documents where they go right away. Don’t get in the habit of making a pile for ‘tomorrow’, you know you won’t win. It will not lead you to a successful business.

Organizing your desk

The last thing you will EVER want even if you don’t have meetings in your home is a mess on your desk. That is the very reason we get things lost and or take FOREVER to find them. Just don’t!

I have a calendar on my laptop that is also linked to my phone and even to my husbands’ phone. There is no way I will ever not be able to access it. I also have a paper calendar. Can you tell I just love calendars?

Have a notebook for notes or use Google Docs to keep access to your documents on every device. When you get a call what do you do so you aren’t running all over the place to find paper and pen?

I use the Google Docs Form section to answer all the questions as they come up. I do send welcome packets out and if you join our mailing list you’ll get access to these documents.

Do you have pens that actually write? Yeah we all know it happens often where we think the pen works and then when you need it, it doesn’t work!! I have this desk mat that was sent to me to test which is fairly large and everything that is important fits right on there. I have headphones so I can use both hands. I have a stack of pens and extra paper. My calendar and laptop are linked and well my phone on a stand.


How is your battery? If your phone was to ring right now could you have a conversation without running to a charger? If you plan to run a successful business I hope you have said yes. No battery or a missed call means that the client could be calling someone else. Are you ok losing a client because of a battery?


Are you keeping your money safe? Once you have your business registered you’ll want to open a business bank account. I just use PayPal for now. I do most of my transactions with PayPal and also have a business debit card. The downside to this is I do not have the option to deposit checks so as your business grows you may need to change to a traditional bank account. We all know about fraud and how many people would do anything to access your hard-earned money. I was also given a wallet to try. This wallet is an RFID blocking wallet, which helps keep your card information safe.


Having support is so important to any and all businesses being a successful business. Do you have a business partner, a life partner or a group of other birth professionals you can reach out to? Who handles your taxes and accounting?

This is where having the right support comes in. Getting these things in order before your business really takes off. Hire an account or buy the right programs.

Successful Business Tips

  1. Join a community- we have two you may benefit from. One will allow you to share your social media posts and help birth professionals grow their reach. The second is one that will push your business to the next level. We do a weekly live video and walk you through learning to use all social media platforms to grow.
  2. Accounting- Either hire an account or buy the software to do it yourself. Either way, keep organized.
  3. Papertrail- Decide how you will keep your documents organized and stay organized.
  4. Phone- Keep it charged, keep pen and paper or your laptop near.

Would you like to more about running a successful business? Follow our page. Join our community or our membership group if you really want to grow your business.

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