As we come towards the end of October you know what that means, the holiday season is upon us. We start planning our holiday season and wonder the meals we can prepare beforehand, what we will get each person on our list and of course where to find the best deals.

I know I sat in the office yesterday thinking this year would be the year I will not fall behind. I will not allow myself to wrap presents when everyone is having family night on December 24th because once again I ordered too close to Christmas.

I have come up with a few stocking stuffer ideas all for at or under $10. Call me cheap but with six children I try to get them good stocking stuffers without having to send all the bank.

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Stocking Stuffers

My girls love unicorns but my youngest daughter has unicorn shoes, hairbows, clothes, and even a backpack to carry her emergency I just had a bathroom emergency. So when I came across this adorable #squishytoys super slow rising scented jumbo unicorn squishy. ( Oh, let me also say it smells good and also helps when you are having a rough time at work








You may also like to take it old school and buy a magic 8 ball. Remember the days when you would sit around with your friends and a magic 8 ball to ask all your important questions? Or when you couldn’t decide what to do so you left it up to the magic? This is sure to be a winning stocking stuffer.


I have also ordered WikkiStix for Doodlers which kindof doubles as a homeschooling activity since it stimulates the imagination play in your child. Wikkistix are also portable which makes it perfect for those upcoming road trips.

With several color options, your designs can be endless.

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes, Arts & Crafts

Next on our stocking stuffer ideas, we have these scratch cards. I love these because I leave little love notes for the kids. I get to see the kids come up with creations. Did you know coloring relieves stress, improves hand-eye coordination, and improves concentration?

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

If you have little ones as I do I think you’ll love this fishing bath toy. It’s super cute and comes with a fishing rod and three little bobbing toys.

You’ll be happy to know these are airtight sealed so you won’t need to worry about mold. A perfect stocking stuffer for ages 24 months and over.

The Don’t Laugh Challenge

Have your children ever tried just about every challenge they could find on youtube? Well ‘The Don’t Laugh Challenge‘ book is another stocking stuffer that will get those little YouTubers going. I can’t wait to see my son’s face when he reads this book.

Cat’s Cradle Book Kit

I think I am finding a new theme of taking it old school this year with our stocking stuffers. My kids are always showing me things “they made up” and when they show me turns out I played it ‘back in the day’. I can’t wait to see them open this but better yet just play with it. Stay tuned to our Instagram for videos.


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