How to stock your freezer before baby arrives

Let me start by saying this… I hate cooking! When I was pregnant I would wait until 2 am for my husband to get home so I can eat. That is how much I hate cooking. My problem is not that I don’t know how to cook because I do. For me, the thought of having to spend hours cleaning is an unwelcome one.

I wish I was about to stock your freezer before you had the baby. I honestly wish I could take that trouble away from every new parent. Since that is not a possibility I want to help you get set up so you don’t have to worry about planning meals or going to the store last minute.

freezer ready meals when baby arrives

Baby shower

If you read our last post about what you really need for a baby then you know you don’t really need much. A lot of the cool things shown in the magazines and in stores are extras. You can keep your list small and ask for gift cards. I am not trying to make it a trashy party but you can explain that you would like to not have to worry about meals for a bit after the baby arrives. Let them know you want to stock your freezer Guest can decide to either give you a gift card to the supermarket which we will talk about later or to a restaurant you’ll enjoy. A place with delivery is always a bonus.

You can also ask for those close to you for freezer-ready meals. This might be harder if you have a picky eater in the family because it is not likely that those accommodations will be made. In the luck that those around you know you well and will make those meal you would like, you have hit the jackpot!

Gift Card Shopping

If you are given gift cards make the most of them. I know it is easy to think about all the other stuff you could do but keep the focus on meals. This is the time where you start to plan freezer-ready meals. I am a huge fan of Pinterest and love saving ideas for easy meals.

I would take some time to plan the meals you can remake, freeze and then easily cook while caring for the baby and taking it easy. You can also create a special board for these meals so you don’t have to write them down and just make a list of the ingredients.

Stock your freezer

This is where the fun comes in for me. I ask my husband if he would like to “help” me cook and then when he gets into I sit and start talking or disappear altogether. I understand this may not work or apply to everyone. You can also invite some friends over to help. Of course, you can also do a little at a time.

This is where Pinterest comes back into play. Pull up those recipes you saved and start creating magic. I promise once the baby makes their grand entrance you’ll want all the snuggles and naps you can get. Having the ability to pull out a meal and just heat it up will be a live and time saver.

What is your favorite freezer ready meal?

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