Birth Doula

It is normal to be a little worried about your birth? Do you wish that you had constant support from the first moment that you knew you were pregnant?

Hire a doula to walk with you on your journey. Your doula will be familiar with the ins and outs of birth, plus help your partner be prepared and better able to support you.

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Make payment

Once you are ready to book you can make your payment or deposit using Paypal.

Standard Package

This birth doula package includes:

  • One or more prenatal visits as needed
  • Assistance in writing your birth plan
  • Unlimited telephone and email support during pregnancy and for six weeks following your birth
  • Access to the lending library
  • Providing resources and/or referrals
  • Labor support at home, birthing center, or hospital as described above
  • 24-hour on-call assistance beginning at 36 weeks gestation and continuing until your birth
  • Two postpartum visits

This package is $900