Simple ways to treat lice with no harsh chemicals

Lice, a word no one likes to hear, a call no one wants to get from school. So many families deal with lice sometimes several times within the elementary school age. With children in school the outbreaks seem to be endless. Of course, we all worry that if one child has lice that the entire family will soon be dealing with infestation.

If you are reading this because you are fighting the good fight with lice then I think you will find this information helpful. Don’t run to the store to buy the over the counter chemical filled product before reading this. Lice doesn’t have to be a scary thing, you’ll just need a comfortable place to sit and a few other items.

Keep in mind lice are adults and nits are the eggs. You will want to check everyone at the same time and don’t worry about getting paying hundreds of dollars by going to a salon to have the lice removed. Plus you will forget about wanting to go cut everyone hair short because I’m sorry to say that doesn’t help.

Signs you may have lice

Itching is one of the biggest signs you may have lice. This includes a tickling feeling of something moving on your head. You may also see bumps or red spots on the back of your neck and difficultly sleeping.

Where you may find lice

Lice need warm, dark places so they tend to be behind the ears and back of the neck. Although, that is where they like to be lice move one strain of hair at a time and can’t jump from one head to another. Lice can’t survive if not on a head for more than 24 hours.

Supplies you will need

I recommend a metal comb, cheap white conditioner, a white towel, and a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol.

Saying good-bye

Getting rid of lice doesn’t have to mean setting the house on fire or packing up and running away. So let’s talk about how to get rid of them. Start by wetting the hair, you can use a spray bottle or by wetting the hair in your sink. By having the hair wet the lice aren’t able to move away. For girls split the hair into four sections, it will be easier to work with.

Next, you’ll place the towel around the neck and use the white conditioner to help see the lice as you comb through the hair. By using the metal comb the lice will get stuck between the teeth. I recommend you wiping the comb with the towel and then spraying the comb with the rubbing alcohol to ensure you kill the lice and nits.

You will continue to work in sections until you go through all the hair, once you have gone through all the hair pass through again behind the ears and by the neck. Keep the hair wet, wet hair means no moving lice they will need to stop breathing in order to survive.

Lice free, now what?

Once you have cleaned the hair it’s time to prevent any additional epidemics. Add tea tree oil to your daily use conditioner and any leave in conditioner you use daily. Tea tree is strong smelling but it will help keep you from having any further invasion of your space.

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8 thoughts on “Simple ways to treat lice with no harsh chemicals”

  1. Eek I dread the day my kids get lice! I’m sure I will need this one day though!

  2. Great advice! I had lice as a kid, and I remember that just mayo worked really well. So weird thinking of it in retrospect!

  3. I never thought of using conditioner, it must make the process so much easier! I heard about tea tree oil… I’m not looking forward to trying it, but when the time comes, I’m glad I have that option!

    1. The conditioner helps you see them as they aren’t that easy to find. You always want to make sure you get them all.

    1. My daughter had some this weekend and I was quick to get rid of them. I’m constantly checking as I’d rather not have everyone have them.

  4. I had no idea that tea tree had that use. I have seen many other things it is used for, but keeping away lice is a new one.

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