Simple and easy ways to start a crunchy lifestyle

Starting a simple crunchy lifestyle may seem difficult but if you start with baby steps you will be there before you know it. Being crunchy doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other. Start with small changes that can cause a

ripple effect for more changes.

clothes pin, dryer balls, unpaper towels, reusable snack bags

What is crunchy?

For me crunchy is doing things as natural as possible. Trying to the best you can to keep your family safe from chemicals.

Reusable anything

Think of all the things you have but after just one use they end up in the garbage. The paper plates and plastic silverware, the napkins, the plastic bags for snacks. The list can become endless.

What if instead of plastic bags for lunch you used reusable bags? These bags can simply be rinsed or washed if needed can use again the next day for a new snack.

What if instead of dryer sheets which contain chemicals you used dryer balls which help dry your clothes faster? You can also add lavender essential oils to the dryer balls for a nice smell. Dryer balls can be used several times and if you notice they aren’t working you may wash, dry and start using them again.

Think about all the paper towel or baby wipes we use. The number continues to grow but if you use cloth wipes or unpaper towels that will drastically reduce the amount of paper used. After using a paper towel there may be little no change it being reused but with unpaper towels you can wash and reuse several bucking filled with cleaning products with harsh chemicals

Hello. of course, cloth diaper has to make my list. I mean disposable diapers end up in the landfill with absolutely no other use but when you cloth diaper use, reuse and resell for someone else to reuse. If a cloth diaper loses its water proof lining simply turn it into a swim diaper.

Cleaning chemical free

When cleaning our home, we usually think store bought, chemical filled is the best to go because we want to ensure to remove the mold or bacteria. Using harsh products may seem like a good idea but what about when you place your food on the counter or your child sit down where you just clean?

These chemicals may seem like a good idea but with the use of vinegar, essential oils andalternative natural cleaning products you are able to get the same clean.

basket of natural and organic cleaning products

Getting started with your simple crunchy lifestyle


Before you get started on a new health kick and making some changes in our family think about including everyone. Ask the kids to use cloth wipes to wipe their hands and reuse the same one for the day. Try vinegar to clean the glass around your home.

Being able to choose just one of these is a great start. One of these simple crunchy lifestyle choices may be all it takes to intrigue you to make another change.

What is a change you made in your home to go green?

4 thoughts on “Simple and easy ways to start a crunchy lifestyle”

  1. Love the name of this! CRUNCHY! These are great ways to start! Need to implement these around the house ASAP!

  2. I love the topics you hit on! We ourselves are just now getting into the essential oils and have changed our laundry detergent as well as our dish washing soap and bathroom toiletries to that with no harmful chemicals and more eco-friendly products.

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