Signs you need to know to transfer

With any birth, there are things that can be a cause for concern. Knowing the signs to transfer can be what keeps things from being cautious to being life and death. No one wants to think that something will happen to them but things do happen. You need to know the signs.

As you may know, we are not medical professionals and always recommend you speak to someone who is qualified. These are some of the signs to transfer in which we would seek out assistance.

These are some of the reasons you may want to seek assistance in your unassisted birth. transfer care. seek assistance. free birth. unassisted birth.

We don’t want to scare you

This post isn’t a way to scare you or change your birth about unassisted birth. At the end of the day, everything on this site is to help you gather the information for an unassisted birth. We want you to be prepared and know everything you’ll ever want to know from prenatal care to postpartum care.

We feel that if you have all the information you are able to make more informed decisions.  You will be able to decide if unassisted birth is for you. You are in control.

Signs to transfer

There are several signs during pregnancy and in birth that you may want to seek assistance or even transfer. Most importantly before we begin is to trust your gut. There is NO reason for you to feel ashamed for having to seek assistance. You will feel worse with yourself if something was to happen to you or baby.

Reduce or no movement

Reduce or no movement from the baby. I think some of you may be saying well of course but that isn’t always the case. Yes, sometimes it can happen. You may have been super busy that, the baby decides to take a nap just as you sit and can’t remember the last time the baby moved. It is always a good start to drink something cold or eat something sweet. If you still don’t feel the baby after a little bit, seek assistance.


If you don’t have any prenatal care it may be a little hard to know what position the baby is laying in. If an arm comes out first and the babies head isn’t in sight the baby may be laying transverse and may not be able to make its grand entrance without some assistance. I always say a baby can come feet first or head first but they can’t come out sideways. It was more of an internal joke because my son was laying transverse for so much of my pregnancy.

Blood loss

Blood is definitely something you will want to watch for. Having lots of blood before the baby comes out or even loss after you have given birth. I am not going to go into this topic too much because a great doula friend is going to cover this topic and will have a great video to go allow with it. Blood can be normal but if you start to feel week or lightheaded that is not.

Flu-like symptoms

You may think I am being weird by saying flu-like symptoms but sometimes that is what it starts as. A fever is a sign of infection and can make flu-like symptoms appear. Fever for me is a big one.

Trouble breathing

This goes for mom or baby. If either one is having issues breathing it is time to call for assistance. Within a few minutes, the baby should start to get color and keep it. Fast breathing in the baby after birth and within the first few days is also a red flag.

Preterm labor

Every family may have their own personal preferences. I recommend you do some research and decide what you would be ok with. For me, personally, anything before 37 would raise a flag. After four births I have never given birth before 39-40 weeks.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause you to see stars,  feel dizzy,  and or have headaches. These are a cause for concern and even one of these may be a reason to take a moment to regroup. Of course, we know there are ways to help lower your blood pressure but when that doesn’t work you may want to consider assistance.

Prolapsed cord

A prolapsed cord when the birth isn’t imminent.

These are just some of the many signs to transfer. Again we never want to scare any parent out of having an unassisted birth but we always to help parents be prepared to have the birth possible outcome.

What is a sign you would add to our list?

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