A sibling doula is a blend of a birth doula and a nanny. Hired to care for your children while you focus on labor and delivery.

Sibling doula services

About Sibling Doula Services

One of the hardest parts of expecting another child is wondering who will care for your children at home. Our Sibling doula services allow you to release that worry. I can either be the on-call person who comes to your house to watch your kids when you go into labor, the person who is at the hospital watching your kids until other family members turn up, or the one who watches kids while you labor at home. The choice is up to you.

This service is $300 and covers the entire time you are in labor and delivering.

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Q. What are your fees?

A. Our rates are a flat fee of $300 for your birth.  The fee covers your entire birth no matter how many hours it takes. If your birth is less than 3 hours you will receive a $75 credit to be used towards postpartum services.

Q. Where do you watch my child?

A. We can watch your child at your home or at your birthing location. We work with you and can bring your child in and out of the birth room if desired.

Q. Will you watch more than one child?

A. Yes, we care for all of your children. I am a mom of 6 and very skilled at caring for several children at once.

Q. What hours do you operate?

A. We work 24/7. Much like your doula, we are on call for you from the moment you book our services.

Q. What if I have a fast birth and don't use the sibling doula or family comes in and I don't need a sibling doula after I paid?

A. We have you prepay to hold your spot in our calendar but ask that you don't stress! We will apply the $300 credit towards another of our services including postpartum doula services. You choose what works for your family.

Q. What does a sibling doula do?

A. We fill in the"mom role". We do everything you would normally do including help put them to sleep, feed them, run their normal routine, or involve them in your birth to your level of comfort. We come with a bag of activities to keep them be happy while in our care. We want your kids to be happy while mom labors and for mom to relax and know your kids will be well taken care of.

Q. Can a sibling doula also be my birth doula?

A. Unfortunately no. The sibling doula can't focus on your children and the birthing mom or you would not get superior care. That is why you hire a sibling doula in the first place. Let the mom focus on laboring while we lovingly care for your kids. If you want a birth doula, her fee is $900 and we will be happy to provide you a birth doula and a sibling doula.

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