My cheap ass guide when shopping for baby

My cheap ass guide when shopping for baby

Shopping for baby doesn't have to break the bank. Half the crap on those registries you will never use.  While you don't have to stick to this list I think you will enjoy it. Honestly, after having four kids I have learned to just buy what I need.

Don't be one of "those" parents

The first time I became a mom I was one of those parents. The kind of parent that carried a big ass diaper bag just in case. I didn't want to run into any problem and not be able to fix it. Who wants to have a diaper blow out and not an extra of clothes.

Who wants to be out late and not have cute pjs to be the baby in or the pack and play thing. I had so much crap between the diaper bag and the latest baby gear. I was so over it all when the day came and I had to empty the diaper bag to find something. From that day on I carried a small bag with the wipes, diapers, and a change of clothes. That was it!

Shopping for baby

Some of the most important things are the diapers and wipes. You can either use cloth diapers or disposables. Of course you may know that cloth diapers may seem like a little more work they will save you lots of money in the long run.

You will of course need a car seat. We love ours because we can use it from birth until she no longer needs a seat. Our daughter is still rear facing and Brooklyn will be two in December but still has plenty of leg space to go.

Depending of how you plan to sleep you'll decide what will work best for you. In our family we co sleep so not much is needed other than our bed. We do encourage you to follow all the safety rules to cosleeping.

We can't forget the clothes. You don't need a lot the baby will outgrow they so fast that just a few things will work just fine.

What are your go to items when shopping for a new baby?

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