Remarkable footling breech and triple cord birth story

UCBirth Story of Amelia Jane
Footling Breech, triple wrap cord
8/18/17 3:10pm 5lb6oz 19″
Baby #9 40w4d

I woke up to contractions at 3am on the morning of the 18th. After trying to sleep through them and switching positions to no ease I knew they were “flashback to my last labor, these are real contractions”. I got up around 5 and distracted myself in the bathroom putting some makeup on. The intensity of the surges remained, but the frequency slowed dramatically. As everyone woke up, I decided I needed to run to the store before anything progressed further, so we made a quick trip to Walmart. I started doubting everything as the contractions remained intense but spaced. I felt the baby’s position might not be ideal, and that was causing the slow progression and accepted what I believed to be a long day and possibly night ahead.

Trying to rest in between surges

When we got home, I tried to lay down and rest but they started to pick up a bit. After awhile I became very “closed in”, wanting to be away from everyone. I got in the shower for a little while, using the heat and pressure to ease the surges. At this point there was still no plug loss, show, or leaking waters which has always happened with my other labors once progressed and I started doubting everything again. Going back into bed for about 30 minutes, until a surge hit and I jumped off the bed- laying down was no longer an option. I secluded myself in the bathroom, and labored on the toilet as I felt exhausted but couldn’t find any other manageable position.

I rode through the surges but still doubted how far along labor had progressed as there had been no other “signs”, trying to mentally prepare for the hours ahead of me. A surge hit and as I was breathing through it I pushed down to relieve pressure. The next surge I couldn’t sit through and shot up to get through. As I sat back down, I noted that I must be progressing somewhat as my labors always end with me tolerating nothing but standing. I finally saw some plug with blood and knew we were getting somewhere- but still feeling like it was off a ways.

Laboring Alone

I let my husband know that I had show, to keep him in the loop of where I was labor-wise, and then kicked him out of the bathroom. I’m not sure why because with all other births I’ve always wanted to use him as a support, but with this one I absolutely wanted to be left alone.

I had been in the bathroom laboring about an hour and a half at this point, still feeling we had a few hours at least to go. Five minutes after I sent my husband back outside (he was making eclipse viewers with a few of the kids), I was standing and rocking through the surges- one hit and I leaned over grabbing the counter and started bearing down without intending to. One more surge happened and I knew it was time. That surge brought what I thought was baby’s head down, and as I put my hand down to feel I quickly realized it was not a head but her feet.

Delivering footling breech

I took some breaths and waited for my body to push on its own again. 20 seconds later, my body pushed more of baby out, she was now out from mid-back down. More breaths, and as I waited again for my body. Baby kicked her legs and I scooped her butt up in my hand to keep her from dangling. When the next push came, 20-30 seconds later her head was not in the right position to come out in one push but my instinct had me continue pushing until she was out. I tried to bring her up, realizing that her cord was short and had a triple wrap around her neck. I fumbled with the cord for a second, and then calmly undid the wraps and brought her to my chest. Her eyes were open and she just stared at me with the most amazing “hi mama” look.

I opened the bathroom door, and told the kids that had been in the living room watching Disney to go get dad. They were completely surprised as I’m an extremely quiet birther, and no one knew what was going on. My 6 year old ran out the door yelling “Dad, mom got the baby from somewhere!” .. it was 10 minutes from his last check in on me that she was born.

Added precautions

We did go to the hospital, because I have Lupus SLE and needed to make sure she wasn’t affected. It was amazing how the “birth professionals” were mind blown on how I delivered a footling breech with a triple wrap completely on my own- questions like “when you realized it was her feet, did you just pull her out?” …I answered of course not! Explained how she was born, and they just couldn’t understand. How my body took care of what it needed to without thinking. All I know is I did something I didn’t even know I was doing. I am perfectly capable of birthing my baby in the way that she came.

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  1. What an interesting and insightful post! I really enjoyed your perspective and look forward to reading more from you in the future!

  2. That sounds really a scary delivery and I am so proud of you for enduring everything, you are an example of an amazing mother.

  3. This sounds really scary but I am glad that everything’s okay with you and with your baby. Congratulations!

  4. What a breathe taking story. You are such a strong woman. Glad the you survive giving birth into that situation.

  5. While my youngest is no longer a baby, I still enjoy reading birth stories. Each and every birth is truly unique. Thank you for sharing your story!

  6. Oh my gosh, what an incredible story! So glad you and your little one are safe and sound xo

  7. Wow, you are one strong mama! What an amazing story and such a remarkable feat! Just incredible.

  8. I found it so difficult to rest in between contractions, I just wasn’t able!

  9. Wow that’s incredible. I can’t imagine how it would feel to give birth at home especially when the birth is breeched. I’m so glad you and the baby are okay!

  10. Wow, this is an absolutely amazing experience –– you are truly remarkable! Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. So scary but happy that everything worked out for you and your baby!

  12. What a story!! I am so impressed and in awe of you! So glad you have a healthy baby! I am currently 6.75 months pregnant (lol, I dont really like going by weeks) and I am petrified of what’s to come, but… I shall embrace anything that comes my way!

  13. I don’t have kids but I like reading about them. Though I loved this experience of yours but I’m afraid too. It will hurt.

  14. Oh my goodness. You are an amazing woman. Just proves your strength and calmness.

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