Preparing the birth plan for your natural hospital birth

After telling all my birth stories I thought about what I wish I could have changed. One of those things was preparing a birth plan. A birth plan is a great way to write down everything you want or don’t want to take place during your labor, birth and after delivery.

Having a birth plan will be a quite reminder to yourself and the hospital staff of your wishes. While one of the most important things is to have a good open relationship with the provider you choose having a birth plan will ensure that if your provider isn’t present anyone who opens your file will have access to your wishes and request. Most of the time we ask for recommendations from our friends and family and just go with what they say but sometimes it’s not a one size fits all. It is ok to keep looking until you find a provider that you are comfortable with. It is definitely ok to fire a provider who isn’t want you want or doesn’t provide the service you want.

I have personally met some providers that just don’t work for me. I just feel that bond with them that my friends say they have. I have been lucky to find providers who I trust and feel comfortable to ask questions. I can call or text with my questions and hear back. I am not told I am overreacting or need to relax even when I may be overreacting.

Let me back track a bit. When pregnant with Faith eight and a half years ago, I wasFaith's birth with our midwife Daymarys recommended to see this “amazing” doctor. Let’s just say he wasn’t that amazing. The few times I went he was always in a hurry. He spent maybe 5 minutes in the room and never answered our questions.

There was this one time, well the last time I was in his office that I asked this doctor to explain to Julio and being RH- meant and the RhoGAM shot. Keep in mind this is before I knew the “crunchy” world, before I knew anything about being a parent. His answer to us was “I will tell you when it’s time”.

I was so confused by his answer I mean isn’t the time when the patient is asking? Isn’t part of your responsibility as a doctor to answer questions? Shouldn’t your patients feel some comfort when you walk in the room? He never answered and we never went back.

Once I found the right provider I didn’t care to have a birth plan because I was comfortable. The moment I walked into the birth center to give birth I felt this overwhelming comfort come over me. I knew I was in the right place. I knew I was about to have my dream birth.

Although everything about my birth with Faith went amazing and she was born at the birth center like planned, things can happen plans can change. I encourage you to download the birth plan I have created.

So, go ahead and download the guide here.

What is something you have added to your birth plan?


14 thoughts on “Preparing the birth plan for your natural hospital birth”

  1. Unfortunately my easy going birth plan didn’t go like I had planned but my midwife was amazing and tried her best to make my semi-complicated labour fit my plan as requested! She was amazing and stayed past her 13hr shift just to hold my hand until the end!

  2. Having a good provider is always key. You want to feel super comfortable with your pregnancy journey. I didn’t have much of a birth plan donto a high risk pregnancy and emergency c sections. Glad things worked out for you.

  3. My birth plan was bangin! I took Hypnobabies courses and felt almost OVER prepared. I even had a midwife and a doula. But I feel like a hospital birth is a hospital birth no matter how you look at it and the nurse told me to throw away my birth plan because the second I gave it to someone it would jinx things and it wouldn’t go my way. Well it didn’t go my way anyway! I had to have pitocin, they made me ‘purple push’ uphill, i was hooked up to monitors the whole time, etc. There were so many things I wish could have gone my way. But I did it naturally and we were both fine after (with some bruises) so I guess it wasn’t totally unsuccessful!

  4. One of the things that helped most on my birth Was essential oil aromatherapy. Very calming for me!

  5. My initial birth plan wan’t much of one-because my dr insisted that if i take the time to plan everything out, it won’t happen 😉 my on ended up being a week late, so i was induced which I was fine with, because thats just as risky as waiting longer. everything went just as i wanted anyway-natural birth, delayed cord clamping and i got to hold him as we waited on that!

  6. My babies all came at least 1 1/2 weeks late. It wasn’t until after my last that I realized that having respiratory, NICU and others in the room was not normal. I always had at least 6 health professionals that cared for my babies and me. I always interviewed my doctors before committing the entire pregnancy. You can call and make an interview appointment. I loved my doctors – didn’t like the nurses. They treated me like just another person to deal with before they got to go home. I guess I would be more vocal with my wishes if I did it over. I also would push for a natural birth – I almost made it the last time. She crowned and I could still see the anesthesiologist’s back as he walked out. It’s good to have options and know that it’s your body.

    1. Options are good and if you know your body and of course trust it along with your birth professionals you are golden.

  7. I am so glad that you found a birth center that brought you comfort! I think that is so important! Having a birth plan really helped me, but I totally agree that plans can change. I found that once I settled a bit, focused on my breath, and just let go my not so ideal birthing experience with my first became much easier!

  8. I think everyone has a birth story. I’ve had six children and have several stories lol. So I relate to some of the things you said here. I wish more ob/gyn’s would take the time to fully answer their patient’s questions. When I was 8 months pregnant with one of my children, I switched Dr.’s as I needed answers and he laughed at me when I pushed for them. But that wasn’t my first child, it was my 4th. Wish someone had told me to have a birthplan with the first. Thanks for sharing yours.

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