How to prepare your daughter for puberty

How to prepare your daughter for puberty? If you are asking yourself that same question you've come to the right place.

As parents we all want to see our children grow up to be their best. We want them to be strong and independent but do we really prepare our daughters for the changes their bodies will experience?

Do we prepare them for puberty and becoming a young adult? Recently, my daughter turned 9 so I sat down with her to just let me know that her body may go through some changes and it would be normal. I have always been an open book, they ask questions and we answer.

There is no stork who brings babies, their is no magic (that they know of) to a baby joining the family. Actually all of the kids have been present in the birth of their siblings and are able to be as involved as they wish.

Body Changes

While we may not know the exact age our daughter will have their menstrual cycle for the first time we can still prepare them. How many of us didn't have the shock of our lives options for menstrual cycle when having the puberty talkwhen we saw blood come out of our vagina? I know I about had a heart attack. I wasn't sure what to do or if I did something wrong.

Our daughters shouldn't have those same feelings. By preparing them and telling them about puberty they will be prepared and when the time comes they will know they can talk to you.

I started by explaining to my daughter that her head and legs weren't the only places she would grow hair. I explained that her vagina and underarms would too. I explained how some people don't want the hair so they shave it but she didn't have to.

She started to ask me about shaving her legs and I replied by letting her know she was still a few years at least from needing to worry about that. She asked why sometimes I don't shave my legs. I started to laugh and told her it was fun at first but now it's like a job. I have so much going on that my showers are fast showers.

I noticed the more I talked the more she started to share. With two more girls that will need this talk I knew this would help prepare me for whats to come.

Little bug bites

For some girls the thought of having boobs is exciting. My own daughter told my mom she someone sitting on the toilet using tampon for menstrual cyclewanted boobs like mine. So my mom replied, "You mean fake ones". We all died laughing.

Last year for Christmas my husband nearly had a heart attack when my daughter was gifted "training bras". It was not a gift he was hoping to see.

Once again I explained that she didn't need to rush anything they would come when her body was ready. I don't want her to feel that she needs to be like anyone else. They are so cute now because it's not required, not that it would ever matter to me. I only wear them if I

must which isn't every often.

I also don't want to take the joy from her so she goes and wears her bras under her shirt.

What the blood?

Trying to explain that blood will come out of your vagina for about a week and nothing is broken was the hard part of the conversation. How do you explain that when we honestly don't know how bad ass we are for being able to do that?

I explained that having a menstrual cycle was the bodies why to clean itself. I also let her

mom and daughter sitting to talk about puberty

know that when the time for her to have children tracking her cycle would benefit her greatly. With so many apps on phones it easy for anyone to be able to keep up.

Options for menstrual cycle

I think it's important to show them their options. Would they prefer a cup, or reusable pads. Do they even know they have options. Off we went to the dollar store to buy some cheap options to show her the difference for each of her options.

I believe that if we prepare them when the time comes, their bodies start these changes they won't be scared or freaking out.

What to carry?

I remember after starting my cycle for the first time my aunt telling me I always needed to be prepared. She explained how at first I wouldn't be sure when my cycle would start and there was nothing worse then being out and your guest of honor appears.

I started to pack a little bag that I carried at all times. It was a zip-lock bag with underwear, shorts, some pads and some baby wipes. I would go to school with this bag inside my backpack tucked away and no one knew.

Funny enough thinking back I had white shorts in the bag, just goes to show how little I knew.

Puberty isn't a reason to worry

If you are a mom reading this and trying to prepare for the puberty talk, don't be scared. It's going to happen. Puberty happens to every child boy and girl but in my opinion girls go through more body changes.

What can you do to prepare? Join our online community and talk to other families. Talk to other parents who are going through the same thing. Find a way to speak to your child that works best for you.

Have you had the puberty talk already? What advise would you give us newbies? What will you say when the times comes for the talk? Join our conversation on the Facebook page.

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