How to take time to heal postpartum

Postpartum healing is a crucial part after giving birth. Allow time for your body to heal will help you in the long run. As most of us know our bodies go through so many changes, moving are organs to new places to allow our baby to grow. In Latin culture after giving birth mom and baby should remain inside for six weeks but in the world, we live in we are go, go, go.

I think most of these go without saying but we will cover them anyway.

Remember the importance of taking time to heal postpartum. Asking and accepting help is a great way to find some time for yourself. postpartum care. self care.

Take time to heal

Regardless of where you give birth once you are holding your new baby (babies) your body as began its healing. After giving birth to my first child, I was feeling so great that two days later I was doing groceries. With time I noticed I still needed too rest and took advantage of my husband being home.

Don’t stop the prenatal vitamins! Plenty of research can be done on why not to take folic acid vs folate but we prefer methlyfolate and smartypants gummy. I have heard that too much methlyfolate can lead to twins so buyer beware.

Herb baths are a great way to bond with the new baby and allow the herbs to help your body recover from birth. You can find an easy to use herb recipe here. I love going to a local store to find all the herbs we need and will soon be adding them to our shop.

Take the help

I think we can all agree that we have been told “Let me know if you need anything” while we were pregnant or after giving birth. Take it! Ask for help with laundry in exchange for baby cuddles. You can also take a shower or enjoy a nap while someone else helps to watch the baby.

Hello, don’t forget about meal prep. If you don’t need or want the gifts to ask for meals. Anything that can be frozen and reheated at a later time works for a good meal. Drop a link to your favorite meal, this mama needs some ideas.

See your chiro

We absolutely loved getting an adjustment a few days after giving birth. I remember going the first time after having our youngest going to the chiropractor. It was amazing!! I heard popcorn in more placing than I can count. If you have ever been to the chiro then I hope you have heard that reference. Our chiro would tell the kids they had popcorn and he needed to get it out. They loved going after that and I would tell me they needed to go to the popcorn doctor.

Even once we are back to feeling great our bodies continue to work hard to help us heal. Take time to enjoy the day and smell the baby. Don’t forget to listen to your body and rest when you are feeling tired.

What are some postpartum tips you would share?

17 thoughts on “How to take time to heal postpartum”

  1. I don’t have children myself but one of my best friends is expecting her first child in December, so I will send this post over to her 🙂 x

  2. I am not ready to start a family just yet but I am definitely researching ahead time about mommy tips. I am very holisitic with my lifestyle choices and I absolutely would love to do a herbal bath with myself and baby in the future.

  3. I didn’t think about visiting a Chiro but I think that would have really helped too. This is quite an informative post.

  4. These are such great ideas that I will definitely keep in mind when I get pregnant with my first! I had no idea about keeping up with prenatal vitamins postpartum! -Tonya Morris

  5. Great tips! Self care is always so important and something we should keep in mind and prioritize at all points in our life to maintain balance.

  6. I think going to the chiropractor is a great idea. I don’t have children but I do like getting my body “popcorned” by a chiropractor because it releases the tension and helps me be pain free. I do suffer from back pain.

  7. Postpartum is such a hard situation for a mother. My sister had this before and I almost cry whenever I see her situation.

  8. Postpartum. The fourth trimester. Not an easy time in life at all. Take all the time you need to recover is my best advice.

  9. SUCH a wonderful post! I made the mistake of coming back way too early and I regret it every day. That said, I am now even more passionate about spreading this very message – self care is important! Another one I would add is to take even just 20 minutes to journal, meditate, stretch each day. Those small pockets of self care really do make a difference.

  10. Definitely writing these down! I’m 39 weeks on Thursday and totally not looking forward to that postpartum phase!! Hoping it goes more smoothly than last time, so I’ll take all the tips I can get!

  11. Absolutely. In other cultures that have the best outcomes for mom and baby, women are provided the opportunity for a babymoon. During this time, family and friends come and “quietly” cook, clean and care for other children. This allows the woman time to heal, build up her milk supply and bond with her baby.
    Complete opposite of our modern culture. Moms are expected to entertain guests and be super woman. Sleep and healing are a minimum and our postpartum adjustment rates skyrocket!
    Thanks for this article.

    1. Thanks for reading. I’m happy to remind us that we need time to heal before life can go back to normal and our babies need time to adjust.

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