How to find the right postpartum care

Have you started planning for your postpartum care? Often enough when we are on our journey to become parents, we research the best for our child. We want to ensure that they will be taken care of and everything they could ever need.

self care is important in postpartum care

But what happens to you?

When you are planning out your dream baby shower or nursery do you also include your postpartum care? For the most part I believe we tend to forget about us or maybe more so put ourselves on the back burner. We, as parents want to ensure everyone else is taken care of, but we can’t forget ourselves.

What supplies should I have on hand?

Regardless of the birth you are planning to have your recovery may vary from one to the next and it is best to be well prepared.

Here’s my take on just a few things no one reminds us of.

Witch Hazel and aloe are great to make postpartum pads. Postpartum pads help with thequote about self love healing after birth and feel great when used after being in the freezer for a bit. You may also enjoy depends, I can’t say enough good things about them after the birth of Brooklyn. I will say that I was kind of sad when it was time to stop using them.

If you are breastfeeding then reusable nursing pads are amazing. Honestly, a few of these so you don’t have to wash as often. I found they hold quite a bit and can be easily hidden under your clothes. Plus, it will save a little money rather than constantly remembering to go to the store or having them pile up in the bathroom garbage. Oh, the smell, you will remember me if this ever happens to you.

Care for your bum. If you are a first-time parent, you might not understand just yet, but you certainly will after delivery. This is where us veteran moms start laughing but well, we have experienced it already. Being asked to push should have a class thats 101 for pushing. A lot of times at the end of your labor you may get hemorrhoids, it will hurt to sit, stand and just about anything else. How do you ease the pain? Many new parents recommend Dermoplast spray. I have never used it and can’t speak from personal experience but when that many women agree on one product it is worth the try.

surgeons preforming a cesareanWhat is a Postpartum doula?

If you have ever heard of a doula then you may have also heard of a postpartum doula. While a doula will assist you before, during and after delivery. A postpartum doula will assist with at home needs including cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, etc. This person is dedicating their time to assisting you recover after birth.

There are several ways to find a doula including our growing resource guide.

Postpartum care is very important for new parents, taking time to heal and snuggle your new baby will bring many lasting benefits for the family. Ensuring proper healing is also a step in assisting to preventing postpartum depression. Don’t worry about friends and family wanting to meet the new baby. The time will come when you are ready. In the meantime, it’s all about you!

Now let’s hear it.. What planned a crucial part in your postpartum recovery?

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