Planning a home birth, what you need to have vagina included

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Of course, when giving birth you need your vagina but what else do you need in order to prepare for your home birth? For everyone once you have made the decision to give birth you then start to prepare your home for what's to come. Although, you'll need to wait for the baby to decide to make the grand entrance before you can out anything into a good use.

First, you'll want to decide where you want to give birth in your home. Will it be on your bed or a birth tub? You may decide you to have them both prepared just in case. We all know that without your vagina nothing can happen but what about trust. Trust that your body was made to give birth, trust that you were made for this.

I am one to trust, to know that if I listen my body will tell me everything I need to know. I love that women are still giving birth the way they want. That we have options in how or where we give birth. Some very powerful women give birth unassisted (without any medical professionals present, or using a midwife, some give birth in the hospital and as long as you're comfortable with it, go for it! After all your vagina was made for it!

Lets start with a water birth. You have many options to give birth in the water including renting a birth pool from a midwife or doula. These pools are great because a pump is included to help get the water out once you deliver. Who doesn't love an easy clean up. You can also purchase a fish pool, yup one of ones you would purchase for your kids. Once you are done, you can throw it out, easy clean up.

If you are out of the pool you can wrap yourself in a big pool towel or a nice silk rob. Either is great when you are coming in and out of the water. You'll also want to have chux pads to have under you when you are out of the water. I also recommend a trap from the dollar store if you have carpet and want to protect it.

To get your mind relax and get in the mood have a playlist ready. I love Amazon Music, that may be something you want to invest in, a free trail is also an option. Essential oils are also amazing at any time but do you know about all the benefits during labor. Essential oils can be use topically during labor to help with nausea, back pack, stalled labor and endless more ways. I also love defusing essential oils while in labor to help me relax.

Remember a loose jaw during contractions means an open vagina!

Once you deliver the baby you'll want towels to keep you and the baby warm. Remember skin to skin and breastfeeding are important for bonding once the baby is born. Usually, shortly after you deliver the baby you will then deliver the placenta. Don't worry if it takes a bit breastfeeding will continue the contractions which will help deliver the placenta. Keep a

bowl handy to put the placenta in once you deliver. You'll also want some postpartum pads, I enjoyed Depends.

Have you ever planned for a home birth? What was something you would think to have?

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8 thoughts on “Planning a home birth, what you need to have vagina included”

  1. I never even imagined that I could think of giving home birth. I was alwya filled with thoughts what if this happen what if that happen. etc. But this way if some one plans by keeping everything what you need with you nothing will go wrong.Loved your post

  2. While I do not think it’s the path for me, I think that the women who do choose this are utterly amazing!

  3. I believe birth plans are as individual as the baby. If one’s birth plan is for the home, this post is very reassuring. Also, have you spoke to your pediatrician about your plan? I think they have different protocols for home birthed babies, especially when it comes to vitamin K and other immunizations. It’s good to find someone on the same level.

    1. I don’t need permission to do what is best for my child. This post was specifically for homebirth. We are a non vaccine family.

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