These benefits are based on reports from mamas, there are some studies that indicate true scientific-based findings of benefits, but we cannot claim legally that they provide any medical benefits, so be mindful of the language you use in advertising.

-Milk Supply
-Uterine Involution (going from pregnancy state to non-pregnancy state in a short time frame)
-Reduce Bleeding
-Increase Healing

Hormone Balance & Restoration

Cortisol – Some view cortisol as a negative, but it has positive benefits as well, especially in a new mama, BUT, be mindful that cortisol can also cause anxiety, so if a mom is feeling some anxiety from her placenta, this could be a factor. This can reduce inflammation, control blood pressure, and allow a mother to be more alert and energetic.

CRH – This hormone actually contributes to the start of labor, and is the response to increased cortisol levels, it balances and complements cortisol. It helps with immunity by building white blood cells and improves alertness as well.

Hemoglobin – Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen. Too little can cause major fatigue, low overall energy, shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, trouble concentrating, nausea, leg cramps, insomnia, and more. Low hemoglobin results in anemia. Iron boosts hemoglobin levels! Well over half of Americans are iron-deficient and suffer from some form of anemia. Unfortunately, these same people, do not always consume enough bio-absorbable iron or respond to iron supplements in a way that is beneficial. The organ that their body produced and their blood circulated through, is guaranteed to be bio-absorbable! Pharmaceutical iron supplements can be toxic and have a long list of side effects to come with them, that a new mother should not have to deal with. Plus, getting prescribed an iron supplement requires several blood pricks or blood draws, that a person with anemia will suffer through. The placenta also contains a natural source of Vitamin B which is essential to absorbing iron properly.

HPL/Prolactin – This is the hormone that is thought to be responsible for increasing milk supply when the placenta is consumed. Prolactin is the hormone that is directly related to producing breastmilk! It rises in pregnancy to ensure that baby gets enough nutrients, by reducing a mama’s insulin sensitivity, hence why doctors diagnose gestational diabetes, when reduced carbohydrate tolerance is COMPLETELY NORMAL, ESSENTIAL, and EXPECTED in pregnancy. This gives ketones, free fatty acids, and glucose to the baby to grow, grow, grow!

Interferon – Interferons keep harmful bacteria from manifesting and hosting in and on the placenta, to protect baby and mom. This hormone can contribute to positive immune building postpartum. It is theorized to reduce and destroy cancer cells.

Oxytocin – The happiness, love, and bonding hormone, everyone’s favorite! This can contribute to a positive mood towards self, baby, and everyone around. It can help encourage positive cramping postpartum to ensure everything is getting out smoothly, with no stagnant pieces of blood remaining, it promotes healthy sleep balance (energy and relaxation), it balances out the cortisol from the placenta and in the body already, therefore reducing stress, amplifies memories, promotes a healthy letdown, boosts libido, reduces drug cravings, triggers protective instincts, and increases a sense of altruism.

POEF – The Placental Opioid Enhancing Factor does exactly what it sounds like, enhances the natural opioids in the placenta! This leads to pain relief, so for mamas with stitching, painful postpartum cramps, painful breastfeeding, back pain from an epidural or spinal tap, and general aches and pains while adjusting postpartum, this can greatly serve them!

Prostaglandins – Prostaglandins are what soften and open up the cervix in preparation for, and during labor. Prostaglandins are naturally found in male semen. Prostaglandins are also a way of the body targeting infection or injury, so right after birth is a great time to get a boost in prostaglandins, while mamas are wanting to ward off infection and heal the body.

Progesterone – Progesterone is an essential hormone to sustain a pregnancy, and have a healthy reproductive system in general. Progesterone stimulates the thyroid, reduces adrenal fatigue, boosts energy, regulates sleep, reduces inflammation, nourishes the hair and skin, lightens heavy bleeding, builds immunity, encourages bone and muscle restoration, and prevents cancer.


There are very minimal risks to placenta consumption as long as the encapsulator follows safety and sanitary guidelines! But, some moms report anxiety as a side effect, and sometimes, mold or bacteria can get into the placenta capsules if they are exposed to moisture or not dehydrated thoroughly. Mamas do need to be aware of these risks and so here I am making you aware!


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