Are you ready for all the Mommycon fun and adventures?

Momma isn’t afraid to beg

It has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. Attending Mommycon for the first would be a dream come true. Before this year I hadn’t able to make it but I wanted this year to be different. This year was going to be the year I just didn’t know it yet.

I didn’t buy the tickets beforehand but on the drive to Orlando was able to locate tickets. I was so excited to bemoms talking about heading to the next Mommycon going to the event that I promised my kids after we would go to Disney, but they needed to be on their best behavior. I am not a fan of bribing, I am sure my husband feels the same way.

Off to Mommycon

On Saturday we woke up early and went to have breakfast, but you could tell by my face that I was so excited to go. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how many people would attend. We arrived at the hotel where the event took place and I was power walking to the building. Once I walked in, I was amazed, people where everywhere!

Who knew that one event could bring so many families together.

They had a place for you to stop and take pictures. Once you passed that was the check in counter for passes to the event. Everything was well organized, and their team was very welcoming. They did have issues with the tickets on the phone but nothing that a restart to their phones didn’t help. Don’t we all just love technology?

Let the shopping begin

We then walked into the main room where all the shopping takes place. Oh man, was I in a heaven for trouble makers! First on my list was a release from Lighthouse Kids Company. Nine diapers being released at one time.

With so many vendors with all of their favorite products in hand this was a shopper paradise. Imagine being inside Target but they only sold items us crunchy families wanted. They so many options from carriers to cloth diapers, you then had diapers bags and baby toys. It was so amazing because you walked row by row and met all the vendors and speakers.

The one downside of the entire event was that I spent so much time shopping that I missed all the speakers. Plus, I had to keep up my part of the deal with the kids and take them to Disney.

Did I not sell you on attending Mommycon just yet? Are you still wondering what types of vendors will you meet? The kind that having amazing products and will cause you to empty your bank account. Imagine being inside Target for 5 hours… what don’t you buy?

Breastfeeding with Evenflo

The amazing ladies working at the Evenflo booth were so great about providing information and telling you the benefits of using their pump as a working mother that before the evenflo shop set up at Mommycon Orlandoweekend was over I went to Target and purchased their pump. I’ll write about my review about the Evenflo soon so stay tuned.

We then went over to the Happy Baby booth and learned that for moms who aren’t able to or wish not to breastfeed they have organic and non gmo baby formula. While I breastfeed and pump while I am away from the baby just knowing that I have an option is a great feeling. Brooklyn loved the snacks and Aria liked being able to have some stickers. These snacks are now part of our home and help in car rides when Brooklyn needs something to hold her over.

Essential Oils

Now this next one I am excited about. I met a fellow mama who made her own products which include essential oils in them and range for a healing balm for scratch and a balm for diaper rash to a little something for mamas to help with their mojo once they have had a baby or in my case a few. This lady, I will post her name when I find it, was amazing with the amount of information she had. She took the time ask questions about our relationship and home to better guide us on what products could benefit us.

I was also about to purchase a cute shirt that says “leche de mama”, meaning milk from my mama but also bought a few hair bows and a “Mom Life” bag.

One of the other amazing things I bought was my first TULA!! Yup, I know I am late to the mom wearing her baby at mommycongame but man do I love my Frolic Tula, the unicorn one. Check out our Instagram for pictures of us using it everywhere now.

Now on to the exciting part!!!! When the application for 2018 Media/Street team opened up I knew I wanted to take part, so I applied and was accepted! What does that mean well I get to attend and be part of the event this year and…. I get to give all my readers a 10% discount code. So, if you are interested in attending any of the events taking place this year or in 2018 use code STCE18.

We hope to meet some of you there and who know what goodies will come with meeting me. Will you be attending? Have you ever gone before?

12 thoughts on “Are you ready for all the Mommycon fun and adventures?”

  1. Wow, thanks for in-depth post on what to expect for Mommycon! Again, never even realized this was a thing until I came across your post! They’ll be in Pasadena, CA later in August so I’ll have time to plan. Thanks again!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I loved the t-shirts, they are adorable. I will look up this event too!

    1. We had such a great time. You won’t regret it, well except the spending money part maybe but you have been warned.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun. I never heard this before either, I need to see if they do this near me.

  4. This is so amazing and I’m sure y’all had a great time! I really have never heard about this but hope I can attend someday, not sure if they come here in Texas!

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