The best kids clothing to purchase from LavenderSun

Shopping for children’s clothing can be so difficult. Lets be honest, what child wants to take off and put on clothing

over and over? I have yet to meet one. I mean even I struggle when shopping for myself.

I recently teamed up with LavenderSun who encouraged me to shop on their site to see how easy it could be. The catch was I had to find my top five onesies. Thinking it would be no problem I went to the site and started to look around. Honestly I was able to make it down to the top 10 but that wasn’t the goal. I needed to make it to five.


Bring in reinforcement

Julio, my husband, had to help me narrow these down a few more but it wasn’t enough. Plus, some of the ones he wanted me to remove from the list I wasn’t ready.

How the heck was I going to make it happen? Here are my top picks!


This Maroon striped onesie was an absolute love for me. I knew I had to have it and when it arrived it was the first

 one that we tried one. I think Brooklyn was just as excited as I was. This little girl loves to get all dressed up. The problem comes when you have to change her.

I love how the back is low cut of course to show off her diapers! I’ll take any reason to talk about my cloth diapers.


Floral!!! Seasonal onesie is the best one to match all the Lighthouse Kids releases with floral patterns. While this one hasn’t be used yet I do have to show off this

diaper just to show you what a great match it is!

What do you think? Good combo?


Tassel onesie is so freaking cute. I don’t know what the best way to describe this one. The material is soft and thin, it’s perfect for summer heat. Plus the ladies from the daycare are convinced I must have stock in the company because of all the cute stuff Brooklyn is always wearing.

Maybe now is a good time to start her portfolio.


Who isn’t obsessed with unicorns. The unicorn fun onesie has just enough unicorns to make you scream “OMG that is so adorable”. The material is a cotton blend and it includes a headband so you’re getting the perfect ready to go outfit.

Tying around the back and a drop down back are two more reasons to die over how cute this unicorn onesie is.


Ok fine, I added two floral pieces to our wordobe. The Botanical onesie is long sleeve but

still cotton allowing you to order the size you need. Nothing worse than having to guess what size you should order. Well, maybe getting your order and having to send it back because the size is all wrong.

Oh whatever what’s one more…

Fine so I didn’t make it to five but we both deserve options. It think seven would have been a better number,

an outfit for each day. The simple wool onesie is the perfect way to get ready for the cool weather. Honestly this is our first year living in Tennessee but Julio being from New York is so excited to have the seasons back. 

If I have made you fall in love with any of these… well than job well done for me. At least I won’t be the only one explaining to my husband what happen to our bank account. If you must blame me for your shopping then be sure to use code “asideofcrunchy” at checkout for a special discount just for our readers so I too can forward the blame to LavenderSun. If anyone ask, you didn’t hear that from me!

How bad is your bank account looking now?

5 thoughts on “The best kids clothing to purchase from LavenderSun”

  1. I have never heard of this brand before. The clothes are super cute!

  2. I’ve never heard of this brand and I am totally in love with their clothes now! Thanks!!

  3. These are super cute! They would be great gifts for a mom-to-be!

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