Last minute reminders for labor day

last minute reminders for your unassisted birthContractions start once again and you freeze.

You wonder if this is really it. Is this time the time you will meet the little one you have been growing for X amount of weeks?

Once you realize this is it, it’s labor day you also wonder if you may have forgotten anything. I want to assure you that more than likely you are over prepared and have everything you need. What you may need is a small refresher of all the little things you will do in each stage of labor and once you have given birth.

Early Labor

Once early labor has started take the umbilical cord ties and scissors out of the freezer.

Then move on to set up labor area I’m sure by now you have most of it is done but this is the time to the last-minute stuff. Light some candles and gather you essential oils. Did you hang your birth affirmations yet? If not this is the perfect time to hang them in the area you will be laboring and or giving birth in.

Don’t forget to cover your mattress in case you decide to give birth on the bed or it just happens. Additionally, who wants to have to get a bed ready to lay in right after they have given birth. Surely not me! I recommend the following layers. First on your mattress put the nice sheets you normally use then waterproof drape. From there add a sheet set that can get dirty with a few chux pads on top of that.

Once you are done just have everything from the waterproof drape up off and go back to your normal life. Well kind of, you just had a baby so relax and cuddle with that precious baby.

After Birth: Baby Evaluation

Start by giving lots and lots of newborn cuddles. Ugh, I miss those days. You may also want to record the time of birth and the date. This seems to still be an issue for our first daughter by a few minutes. While giving those cuddles listen out for crying and breathing. Not all babies will cry so you will look at their breathing.

You’ll also check that the baby turning rosy red and for pulse. Normal heart rate is between 110 to 160 bpm (beats per minute). A pulse below 100 is cause for concern.

How to check for babies pulse? Use the babies brachial artery, which is on the upper arm between the elbow and shoulder. For the best accuracy count to 30 seconds, then multiply by 2 to get the bpm. If you baby is to squirmy,

count for 15 seconds and multiply by 4.

Umbilical Cord Procedures

You may choose to delay cord clamping until placenta has been delivered and the cord is limp, white ans stopped pulsating. Tie off the cord with 1st umbilical cord tie within 6 inches of your baby’s belly. Then tie another off again another 1-2 inches from belly. Use sterilized scissors to cut the middle of the two ties.

You may also choose to have a lotus birth.

Placenta Evaluation

This is simple to do just check the placenta is in one piece then locate three twists in the placenta (2 arteries and one vein). See picture.

we don't need to overthink birth to make it our dream birthMeasuring Baby

This is where the fun comes in for me, the game of figuring out how big did I make this baby. Yeah, I know I’m a little weird but what can I say I smile every time I hear the weight of my babies. For increased accuracy weigh the baby naked.

Also measure the length of the baby. To do so measure your baby from the top of the head to the heel of his foot. You can do this in sections since baby will likely be squirmy. Try to straighten baby out as best as possible for accurate measurement. To measure the head at the largest area of baby’s head.

How much did you think your baby would weigh?

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