Do you really want kids present at birth?

What the heck are you thinking having kids present at the birth?

Have you just lost your damn mind?

A birth is no place for children.

I can go on and on with a list with the questions you’ll get if you tell anyone your going to have the kids at birth. This is your decision. You know if you can remain focused or if you child will need a little more attention. Forget (not what I really wanted to say) what others have to say or think. Half the time those are the ones in a hurry to drop off their kids so they can hit up happy hour.

Oops, did I just hit a nerve?

Having kids present at birth

Back story

For all of my births expect my son who was born at the hospital they were all present. Yes, all of my kids have been present for the birth of their siblings. I don’t  make them sit and want they all do their own thing and sometimes even sleep the entire time. For our family it allowed us to bond from the moment we welcome a new life into our family.

Sarah Wilbert

This is what worked for me and may work for you.

Benefits of having kids present at birth

You don’t have to find a sitter. Who really wants to depend on someone else to drop everything at the once to make it to you before you give birth.? I know I don’t.

Bonding. We love being able to bond from the beginning. It has helped our family avoid the jealous side when kids meet a new sibling.

Fearless. We tend to fear the unknown. If kids are able to be present at birth early on they may be able to learn (depending on the age) not to fear birth.

Knowledge. At birth we learn about our bodies and that birth is something beautiful.

Downside of kids present at birth

Entertainment. If you are alone it may be hard to entertain kids when you are focused elsewhere.

Ambyre Robidoux

Fear. It may be too much for some kids. We have always been opened and remind our kids that birth is normal. We tell kids what they should expect to see and hear.

How to entire kids

New toys. If you have decided to have the kids present at your birth then you’ll need to find ways to entertain them. One way is to buy a special toy they can play with during labor.

Extra hands. You can also hire someone to come to the home but you’ll want to make sure they will actually come. It would be horrible to think you have someone coming and be screwed when they cancel. Maybe a friend or neighbor who is close by would be the best option.

Movies. Do they have a movie they love? Stop playing it for a while and they may just love it so much more when the times comes.

What have you decided kids or no kids present at birth?

Tell me what you think

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