As we all know the holiday season is upon us and we are all in a big hurry to ensure our homes are picture-perfect and the bathroom is guest-ready. Whether someone is staying over or not we all know the bathroom is the one place they will visit.

So how do you ensure your bathroom is guest-ready?

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So for me, it is all about having the comforts of home. I don’t want my guest to worry about running to the store because they forgot a toothbrush or any other common household item. I tend to stock up you can see my list here.

When I know guests are coming over there are a few things I like to make sure are ready. Starting with bath towels and unpaper towels for hand drying. This brings back memories to when my mom would find someone used her decorative towel to dry their hands.

If you will be using reusable paper towels I recommend you have some type of bin or wet bag for your guest to drop their paper towels into. If you are someone who has guests over often this is a great way to save money on napkins. Plus you’ll never run out.

Finding inspiration

While I love holiday season I am not a huge fan of EVERYTHING being too decked out if you will. I like the hints of the holidays to still allow me to live in my home. I mean you can live inside a Christmas store if you’d like but… that isn’t possible with six kids and their friends.

I do decorate everything from my kitchen to the dining room and living room. I’ll add a few things outside to bring it all together.

Sometimes when you are decorating you just need one thing to pop out and the rest will fall into place. So, of course, I started to look for ways to decorate my bathroom because why not.

For me, it was the shower curtain so I put my order in, sit back and relax while Amazon does the rest. I just received this beautiful shower curtain which is a stripped light grey it is also 100% waterproof. The shower curtain is high quality while lightweight which means it will dry quickly and last longer. With just a few simple pieces of decor, I can bring all the life to the bathroom.

At the end of a few hours of shopping online and a few days of waiting, the orders start to come in. I ended up getting too excited to wait for everything so instead, I put it together as I go.

So far I have the curtain and new rugs have arrived, I have also hung my wet bag, the new curtain and the new carpets are down. I am still waiting n the new unpaper towels and the basket for them to be placed.

Have no fear I will post a vlog once I am done so make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel.



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