I’m pregnant

Pregnancy shock

OMG, this morning (11/20/18) I woke up expecting to be greeted by my period and when I wasn’t a part of me knew. I  went to the bathroom and took out a pregnancy test from my just in case supply. My husband was laying in bed half asleep but since my alarm kept going off it made him more awake than he’d like, I’m sure of it.

This is the pregnancy test that lead us to our secret pregnancy.

Standing in front of my bathroom sink holding my pregnancy test expecting not to see two lines. I was wrong slowly a second line started to appear. I called to the room saying “Honey, I think I’m pregnant, babe a second line started to appear and it is getting darker.” “Babe we are pregnant” Tears started to form in my eyes and I walked to the room to hug my husband.

Secret Pregnancy

Baby number 6 is now on the way for us but no one will know. We have decided to wait a while before we tell the kids and we will not announce on Facebook until I give birth. If you are reading this then little baby E is here now. Our plan is to have an unassisted pregnancy and birth. I will complete our own prenatal care and see a local chiropractor. We will enjoy our secret pregnancy.

We hope you come back each week and check out our Youtube channel for our weekly post on our pregnancy and how we are feeling. And if you are lucky we might just upload them all at once.

Have you ever just announced your pregnancy after giving birth?

** I have had to edit this post because someone who will remain nameless decided this was their news to share. At this point nothing we can do but share our unassisted pregnancy and birth journey for the world. I hope you follow along for all of our updates here as well as on our YouTube Channel. **

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