How to survive the last 12 weeks of pregnancy

So you have made it to 28 weeks and are so exciting to be nearing the end. The excitement of meeting your new baby is like anything else you have ever experienced. So what should you expect these last 12 weeks and how will you survive these last few weeks of just wanting to give birth already?

Remember back in your first trimester that I told you the first trimester was the shortest? Well, this is the one that seems to be the longest. I can promise you it has just as many weeks but what makes it feel like the longest is the fact that you are ready to meet your new baby. The baby will be here soon enough but I should also remind you that your estimated due date is just a guess date, no one other than your baby knows when they are ready to come.

I am sorry to say this but sometimes our technology is taking over and some medical professionals just don’t trust themselves and the knowledge they know to be true. For some, it is the fear that holds them back from being the birth professionals we deserve.

You have finally made it to the end stretch. You didn't think you would but here you are in the last 12 weeks of your pregnancy. So what should you expect now?

What symptoms should you expect?

Just like any other trimester you may or may not have these symptoms. It is hard to say what your body may do. I have actually just made it to my third trimester and let me just oh the fun. I have noticed braxton hicks starting and the nausea is haunting me again. I also have this little one sitting breech at the time so I am having a hard time breathing and discomfort while sleeping.

  • Water retention
  • Swelling
  • Fatigue
  • Lightning crotch
  • Sciatica
  • Braxton Hicks
  • Nausea
  • Hard time breathing
  • Discomfort while sleeping
  • Increased mucus
  • Increased discharge
  • Pressure on pelvis and cervix

These are all normal symptoms of your pregnancy. Accept each one as they come, I know it is hard to imagine accepting any of these but just as fast as those two lines appeared on the test is just as fast as these symptoms will disappear when the baby arrives.

I have to come here how often?

I will warn you now choosing the traditional medical professional route means you will be going from once a month to bi-weekly to every week. Oh, the joy it brings having to pee every five minutes and see the inside of an office on a weekly basis. You’ll be asked weekly about swelling, and possibly even checked for dilation. Of course, you can always decline anything you are not comfortable with.

How to embrace the pregnancy a little more?

Belly mapping

I still have not been able to get belly mapping down but I have watched plenty of videos on it. It seems like a great way to learn the position the baby is in.

Getting baby stuff ready

Ready or not baby is coming and this is the time to get everything ready. Some may experience this sudden urge to clean that they can’t explain that is called nesting others not so much. I am now 30 weeks and it has yet to kick in but I am sure it will at some point. It may just be once I have had enough of working full time and start my maternity leave.

We will be cosleeping so that is already taken care of. I did splurge on a bassinet to have a safe space to lay the baby down. That may come in handy for that occasional shower I sneak in. The car seat was purchased weeks ago on this great deal and clothing was purchased here and there when I found something I liked or a super sale.

Baby shower or Blessing Way

These are both great ways to celebrate the new addition. Invite some friends and family over and celebrate any way you like. It can be a small BBQ or a huge event, it all depends on what you want. How do you choose to celebrate?

Maternity shoot

My last pregnancy, which I thought would be our last, I decided to have maternity pictures done to remember the pregnancy. All the ups and downs that this and my previous pregnancies brought me. The amazing pictures did just that for me. I was able to enjoy pregnancy knowing that these beautiful pictures would be around even past the days when my memory would fail me. Pregnancy brain lasts much longer than pregnancy, it is, in fact, a real issue.

Outdoor fun

This is also a time to be outside. Take a walk around the block. Visit with friends and family or take other children to the zoo. The walking will help your delivery and the time to get there go faster. Unless you are on bedrest or told not to there is no easy for you not to enjoy the outdoors.

This next weekend my brother in law is coming to visit and we will have plenty of outdoor time and I can’t wait. What are your favorite things to do while waiting for the grand arrival?

Prenatal test

Yes, I am so sorry to end the post with more test but I want you to be prepared and know what to expect these last 12 weeks.

So what are these test that you should expect?

  • Glucose Screen: To check for diabetes in pregnancy.
  • Blood Count: To recheck for anemia.
  • Antibody screen: If you are Rh negative, administration of RhoGAM.
  • Repeat HIV screen
  • GBS (Group B Strep): A type of bacteria that can be found in some pregnant women, not sexually transmitted, that leads to an increased risk of infection for the baby.

Just because we all need the reminder you can deny any test or procedure that you don’t wish to have completed. You are the employer of your medical provider, you can fire them if you wish. You can find another provider who will respect your wishes and well, accept them.

So here we are in the last 12 weeks, waiting for the baby to arrive. Now we will enjoy these weeks and see what day the baby chooses to arrive, sounds like fun right?

How will you spend these are 12 weeks?

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