How to set up your nursing station

Raise your hand if plan to nurse!





Now raise two hands if you have nursed before and plan to do it again!






While they are both up go ahead and high five yourself.






I am so happy to be finally be writing on this topic. I mean for years I have nursed and have has to yell across my home "Can someone help me" more times then I can count. Then to make matters worse I get stuck under a kind of sleeping kid. It would have been great to have a nursing station set up but of course, no one told me this was a must-do!

Nursing startion

So what is a nursing station?

A nursing station is a special place you will sit to nurse knowing you may get stuck and not be able to move. This can be for a few minutes or a few hours. You may get thirsty or bored so be prepared.

Do I just need one nursing station?

Um.. the short answer is no. We need to be honest in saying you never know when or where you are going to get stuck so it is best to be prepared. You may want at least two places one being a private area (your room) and another being in a common area (living room).

I need to also say I nurse anywhere and everywhere so by me saying to have a nursing station in a private area like your room I don't mean to offend. You are welcome to nurse anywhere you want. I want you to be comfy and I'll be extra honest and say sometimes I use nursing as my way to go take a nap.



No one will blame you or even say anything. With luck they will take the hint and exit stage left. Either way you won't have to leave for anything because you'll have your nursing station set up. Oh, another plus apparently nursing makes people feel weird so they won't come check on you.


What does my nursing station need?

This is where you get to put your twist on things.

You already know your favorite snacks so have those on hand.

Start a list of shows you need/want to catch up on.

You can also try to read but one-handed reading is not something I have mastered.

I have completed a full list of supplies to have on hand with links and some shows I recommend, I love TV. Don't forget to join our community, meet others like you. Get support when you need it. Find your community, we are waiting. Join here.


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