How to plan for a normal-ish easter

So this year as we all know is an interesting one.

We are experiencing what I can say is the first time in my life nationwide quarantine. But how do we keep it normal for our children? How do we still celebrate the little moments in life with the ones that we love?

Check out for all your basket filler needs.
Check out for all your basket filler needs.

I see everyone talking about having social contact from a distance and using technology to communicate but is that enough? Can we remain within a normal life for our children without causing them to be fearful?

Well, it’s hard to keep everything the same but I think it’s still possible to have a normal-ish life with our children and still celebrate the little things. The moments that we typically surround ourselves around people. Some choose to go to church others go to a park or local event for an Easter egg hunt and those like my family have enough family members in our home to celebrate together.

So how do you celebrate Easter and still try to have it be a normal-ish Easter?

In the past

Back in 2009 when our first daughter was born they happen to be a Good Friday. My four-year-old bonus son had no idea that going outside and being around a bunch of people wasn’t the best idea when you have a two-day-old baby. Being the mom that I am today started that day. That morning I woke up and told my husband we are going to the store I told him I didn’t care if I looked crazy I wanted my children to always have a normal-ish life.

This was, of course, was before my days of babywearing so I put my daughter in the car seat and loaded her and our son in the car and headed to the grocery store. I grabbed some traditional snacks for Easter those amazing soft and delicious cookies. Can you tell I’m dreaming about them now? I also grabbed some plastic eggs and candy along with an Easter basket to create our own Easter egg hunt.

I can honestly say looking back people must’ve thought I had lost my mind being out with our two-day-old daughter but I was doing whatever I could to keep my life as normal as possible for our son. I can also say that moment prepared me for what we’re dealing with now.

How to celebrate a normal-ish Easter?

Unlike other years when you typically get together with family and friends with this big idea to be surrounded by the giggles of all these children. This year you’re having to plan what to do on your own so what will you do?

Before things get too crazy and everyone is on the same idea at the same time here are my recommendations to keep a normal-ish Easter this year.

Head to the dollar store and buy some eggs and Easter baskets plan to do this early in the morning before sharing this blog with your friends and loved ones. Let’s be honest we don’t want them buying everything before you have the chance. This year it’s all about survival of the fittest. I’m kind of kidding.

I also recommend going to Amazon if you want candy and of course the good stuff and placing your orders now so it has plenty of time to make it. With everything going on waiting until the last minute is not an option. You now I have everything you need for a basic Easter egg hunt. Congratulations!

Add homeschooling

This was my catch you off guard but I think you’ll love it once you’re done incorporate homeschooling into your Easter planning. If you had to Pinterest right now you’ll find activity after activity that you can do with your children so before you check out from Amazon find an activity or two you would like to try and order the supplies you’ll need.

If your family does a more traditional homeschooling day then you may find word searches, spelling test and even mouth all around Easter. Trust me your teachers in public school use Pinterest as a tool. Do your self the great service and don’t overthink it you’re doing great and you’ve got this!

Easter basket fillers

Are used to think people who went all out on these big extravagant Easter egg baskets had lost their minds. I mean do kids really need all these extras? Isn’t the simple fact that we take them or host an Easter egg hunt enough?

It was it until today that I sat here wondering how to complete a normal-ish Easter that it finally hit me. We don’t do these big extravagant Easter egg baskets for us we do it for them.

We want to see the smiles on their face as they get to see all the little things that we found that remind us of them.

The crayons for my daughter who loves to color, the hair accessories for my daughter who likes to do my hair, the doll for my daughter who likes to use her imagination and anything Spiderman for my son who is still after all these years is obsessed with Spiderman. The list goes on for each of my children. Anytime I leave my house no matter where I go I can find something that reminds me of my children something I know that they would love if I brought it home.

Don't forget to offer healthy snack options on your normal-ish Easter adventure.
Plan for healthy snack options during this normal-ish Easter. Shop plates and cups here.

Normal-ish Easter

I do think even with everything going on we can have a normal-ish Easter. Don’t overthink it and just go with the flow. Today although not yet Easter I got the kids together and we just had fun!

How will you plan your Easter this year?

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