How to monetize your website from day one

If you are thinking about starting a blog or looking to finally monetize this is the post you should be reading! I’ll be honest I may a little something, something by you signing up with any of these links but the great thing is you don’t get charged anything extra. So go ahead and get making money from the moment you launch or relaunch your site. I’m going to teach you how to monetize your website from day one.

I absolutely love blogging. It gives me space where I can share my experiences, knowledge. While I help others I am allowing myself to heal as well so once again it is a win-win for everyone. This goes for any type of business you own including an MLM. Did you know by having web hosting, through a company like Siteground will allow you to have your own website but a tab taking people to your MLM website?. You can even get your own special domain. I love using

5 ways to monetize your website today!

Here are my best ways to increase your extra cash flow. Let me help you monetize your website with these simple tips and add ons.

Start a blog

For today’s blog, we will be talking about monetizing your blog from the start allowing you to have extra income. Blogging is a great way to gain a bigger audience, to bring in more customers, and of course network. With any business, you run I would encourage you to also blog, the more often the better. You want your audience to understand when they should come back for the next post.

Collecting email

Along with blogging, you’ll want to collect emails. By collecting emails you can cross-sell and promote. Please don’t spam! Just as with blogging, you’ll want to keep a schedule allowing your audience to know when they can expect to hear from you. Are you running a special price, offering free shipping, or need to boost sales? Send an email and run off my checklist, download below.

Share a sale

Share a sale is the first place I would sign up. It allows you to find companies you would like to work with and well place ads on your site. You can place one on each of your blog posts. Hopefully, you can find something similar to what you are writing about if not pick one of your favorites. New companies are always being added but please pay attention that the company has funds. Trust me you’ll know!

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a great way to have ads automatically placed on your website. You can customize where on your website they appear and I recommend you play with the settings so once again you don’t spam people with a thousand ads and popups.

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Once you start blogging you’ll want to share these blogs on Pinterest. Pinterest is something you’ll want to use every day. To explain a little more you’ll want to pin daily this allows your blogs to be added to the top allowing more people to see it. I love using tailwind as it will auto-post for me and taking one thing off my plate. Guess what by using my link you’ll have one month FREE!


This one may seem like a weird one but it helps with your writing skills. I can tell you but I’m sure you already know that no one wants to read a blog when the writer doesn’t even know what they want to say. Grammarly helps with grammar, punctuation, and more. You can upgrade for additional features.

Are you ready to monetize your website?

Now that I have given you a few tips on how to monetize your website it is time for you to put them to work. Once you are done head over to our Facebook page and tell me how you did. What tips have helped you and how the money is flowing in.

Did you know we have a podcast and YouTube channel? Each week we take to it to talk about pregnancy, birth, and parenting, which includes running a business.

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5 plus simple ways to monetize your website from day one. Don't let these things go left undone and money on the table. #monetizeyourwebsite #monetizeblog #monetizewebsite

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