Fall is here and I am in love. The cooler weather, the changing leaf colors and well everything pumpkin for those pumpkin lovers.

I have always heard that in order for someone to keep warm three things must be warm or covered. Do you know what they are?




If you guessed head, hands, and feet you are correct. So how do you keep each of these warm?

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Keeping your head warm this winter

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I received a beanie that I have grown to love. At first, I took a picture (head to my Instagram) and it was just showing my husband we would match. I felt like a fool. That was until I had to go outside and it was October and 27 degrees. At that point, I felt like a supermodel. LMAO

I will add that beanie has sent been “stolen” by my daughters any chance they get.

Feet kept warm

As I said before keeping your feet warm this winter is also important. You wouldn’t want any cold piggies, would you? I love the boot socks, they are thick enough to keep your feet warm but not overly that your feet are sweating when it’s super cold out.

They can also be stylish but which is the priority? I need to warm forget style.

Then comes my hands

While I can normally keep my hands warm by just sticking them in the pockets of my jacket that isn’t always a possibility. Sometimes I have to sit on them, yes literally! To get warm really quickly I will try just about anything.


The issue with wearing gloves also comes when you are trying to use your phone and of course need it to ‘feel’ your fingers. I have found that some companies have gotten smart and added a texture to the fingers so we can use our phones.

So tell me how do you keep warm? Is it a warm hot chocolate you look forward to or the limitless options of pumpkin everything? Regardless of how you keep warm remember there are many homeless without these options so if you will promise me this one thing. Buy an extra coffee when you can, have some snacks in your purse or car to give out. Just be kind and keep warm this winter season.

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