How to have an amazing cesarean birth with a support doula

A cesarean section is performed by administering a form of anesthesia, sanitizing the abdomen, cutting into the abdomen twice, once through the skin, then once through the uterus, either by Low Transverse Incision, Low Vertical Incision, Classical Incision or T-Shaped Incision. So how can a doula help you?

having an amazing cesarean is possible with an incredible doula

Cesarean Section Informed Choices

A doula or birthkeeper, how I now refer to myself, is able to provide tons of resources. We know that it can be hard to navigate the internet for information while expecting and trying to maintain our life and home.

We take the time to find research on each topic and save resources to share as you need them. When you have questions we want to have the answer and evidence to back it up. Sometimes you’ll have a provider who tells you what you is going to happen but doesn’t leave you feeling sure. You may still have unanswered questions. Well, we are here to help answer those.

Gentle Cesarean

A Gentle Cesarean is an attempt to make a c-section as close to physiological birth as possible. If a provider is having a c-section talk this is the time to make your wishes known. There is no valid reason not to allow it but some providers are not well versed and accepting which is where that “no” will be coming from.

It may take some time to find a provider to respect your wishes but it is so worth it at the end.

Planning your wishes

Now that you have decided on a gentle cesarean it is time to make your birth plan. A doula can help you create a birth plan and we also offer a custom birth plan in our shop you may want to check out while you plan.

Somethings you may want to consider to take place are shown below.

  • no drapes
  • walking out of the baby to help clear lungs
  • delivery to the chest if cord allowed
  • cord left to stop pulsing before cutting
  • no weighing or measuring until family ready
  • baby to stay on mom until she was ready to part
  • own music 
  • lights reduced
  • a mirror to help view the birth.

You should know that you will still start the procedure the same way as any other cesarean. Anyone in the room will need a full scrub down to keep the area as germ-free as possible. Of course, we want the incision infected to have as little risk as possible for infection. You will also want to insist on a small, low transverse scar, that is to be double sutured. A spinal tap may also be the best course of pain medication as it only lasts about two hours.

Finding a provider

A birthkeeper (doula) can also help recommend a provider if you are looking for one. We take time to meet and network with as many providers as possible. We take the feedback from each of these births to help guide others in the right direction. I also want you to know that finding the right provider is also about the personality sometimes one provider isn’t the right match for you. That is ok there are still some amazing ones out there.


If you are starting to consider a gentle cesarean I encourage you to watch the video below and of course watch this amazing video. Speak with other families who have had a gentle cesarean and get recommendations for providers and hear their stories. I’ve always been a strong believer that you need to set the expectation. If you want a beautiful birth you shall get that birth.

A Gentle cesarean birth

My biggest tips!

Hire a doula! Yes I know I’m a little biased but hire someone to be on your side. To help you bring your inner voice out, to be your voice when you can’t. Join a community like ours where you can be yourself and meet others like you.

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